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Bshs 325 - Macro Systems Paper

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When child maltreatment is being experienced the police and a social worker will get involved. The first steps for the social worker would be to meet with the family and child, if maltreatment of the child is found the child can be removed from their home and placed in foster care. The outcome for the parents are possibly losing their custody and rights to their child and be charged with neglect. Just like child maltreatment if sexual abuse is reported both a police officer and a social worker will be assigned to the case. The individual conducting the sexual abuse will be taken to jail and the child will be examined by a physician and be offered counseling with continuous and frequent check-ins completed by the social worker. In sexual abuse cases children are often the most sensitive in this area when they are the victim. Therefore it is important that any regulations, rules and protocols are followed. It is important for them to receive counseling. When crimes are committed the police get involved to do an investigation and most times the guilty party will have to stand in front of a judge to receive the punishment the judge feels fit for the type of crime committed. This can mean jail time, community service or fines.

Empowerment can be something that is rewarding for an individual to experience because it means they are making a stand toward something they believe in. The areas that will require the professional to remain unbiased would be poverty, child maltreatment, sexual abuse, crime and delinquency. These areas are sensitive to the client as they have experienced things that were outside their control. As professionals we need to work together to be advocates for our clients as well as encouraging our clients and remain trustworthy.


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