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The Perfect Gorvernmet System

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The perfect gorvernmet system


Winston churchill once said ``democracy is terrible, but it is the best thing we got`` and I totally agree to that. it is indeed terrible, there are so many flaws in democracy, regarding human failure trough the corruption of power. But it is also the best system we have encountered so far! But even though that is relatively good, that is no reason for us to stop trying to develop newer and better ways, otherwise we would be just living in a worldwide comfort zone.

I want to share my ideas in this text, of what I think, would be the perfect political system. The idea of a dictatorship came often in my mind, what if we managed to find the perfect human! Someone who is intelligent, well intended and most importantly, Incorruptable! Well that would be great, and might even be the perfect solution. But that is impossible, there is no such thing as a Perfect person, and even if there was, it would be incredibly difficult for us to find him, and give him the power to rule.

So I guess I could discard dictatorship. I might still end up using some good aspects of it, but it is not the solution. We also have some more extreme possibilities, such as anarchy. But I also don’t think anarchy would do it, the idea of everyone having the freedom of doing what they want is great, but if you think about it, when everyone is in power, no one is… plus all the chaos and everything. Definetly not anarchy.

Socialism and comunism end up falling in the same problem as a dictatorship, as an idea it is great and IF we had such perfect people and situations, it would work just fine, but again, the perfect doesn’t exist. And without this perfection, they become useless.

So yeah, I guess we end up coming back to democracy. The best thing about democracy, is that it tries to adapt to a world with imperfections. But by being so adaptable, it ends up being imperfect itself. But, I think democracy is where we should start from. Instead of making a whole new system, we could just repair the one we have right now

Lets call it detocracy, this name doesn’t mean anything, Its just something I came up with right now so that I could keep the idea going. Detocracy, would be the better version of democracy. It would fix most of its problems, but not its main characteristic, its imperfection. From a certain point of view, this imperfection can be seen as a quality. As I mentioned above, it gives great adaptability. And also, we cant achieve perfection anyway, so it would be useless to try and fix it. But what we could do, is aim for perfection! Yes, that old idea that we have all heard before, you should not be perfect, but you should try as hard as you can to be so, but instead of being for a person, we use it in this political system.

The most important thing about detocracy, is that it would aim for long term


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