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Health Care System

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for the ones that are not privileged.When it comes to health care it is said that the U.S. of economy is the most major sector when it comes to health care system but it is said that this syestem is always so sustainable for everyone. Back in 2010 it is said that there was a legislation that was passed. What this legislation was made to was make promise to help improve the care of all the uninsured peolpe that was out there and to also allow people who already had a condition that is preexisting. When it comes to the health care inside the United States it is said that there is many challenges that people have to face. It is said that many dirent americans do agree with the fact that the heallth care system seems to be flaw but even though they ddo agree on that they seem to disaagree on the way to fix it.The health care sysetm has anaayed its self so that the system can try to fix the issues it has.

Even though the goverment doen’t make people show that they have so that they can get the care they need.The government is the one who has the responsibility for the low coast care. The government isnt the one whoover looks the price ike everyone thinks.The ones that do that is private health-care providers and they are the ones that help maintaine. If your in the health care field then you are familiar with how they work. In todays world you notice that there is alot of people dont have the medical incuarance they need to get care they need when sick.When it comes to private sector they are the ones that make it hard to create a good insurance plan. people don’t know that when it comes to the duty to regulate it is all u to the government to take care of it.

When it comes to health care insurance it is said that it people should make it affordable so that people can get it so that they can get well. There are some people who dont know that they could also get state nsurances and that tgeir incoe doesnt matter.


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