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Case Study Project - Student Registration System

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Questionnaires and Survey: Questionnaires and Surveys are used to quickly gather feedback from a large group of participants. There are free online survey-making websites; therefore, surveys are easy and cost effective to create a survey and mass email to a potential list of end users. Surveys are inexpensive and provide a quick way to gather feedback from the actual end users. For a successful response from surveys, the targeted list needs to be large enough and well chosen. Surveys are structured in a way to get specific choices for questions and get feedback regarding issues and enhancements from end users. The questions and choices need to be precise, unambiguous and usually requires the participants to complete within a certain time. It was decided to distribute Surveys online to the current active students and also pass out questionnaires to individuals attending classes at the Georgetown campus. Today's students are diverse and their needs are more complex. It is important to get the students involvement and deliver a product that engages the students and provides them a track to success. With the responses received from the surveys, enhancements can be prioritized and implemented accordingly.

During initial discussions, Business Analyst scheduled a requirements gathering interview with the Director of IT and subject matter expert at Georgetown. The first conversations between the customer and the team were in the interview format and discussed the following topics:

- Why the need for enhancement right now?

- What would you like the product team to address or improve upon on your system?

- What would improve the student registration experience?

- Can the team have open access to the current registration system and your customers to see what improvements need to be made?

- Are there any other considerations the team should be aware of?

This initial interview allowed us to provide the team with some high-level requirements from the customer. After sharing these thoughts with the team, the developer and other team members were able to confirm that the requirements are feasible. They did have a few questions which were answered after reviewing the initial conversation and the interview notes with the product owner at Georgetown.

Our team was provided access to the current registration system to do our interface analysis. After accessing and analyzing the current online registration system, the team needed some clarification on why certain modules existed and the need to have them.

Interface analysis findings that needed clarification:

- Does the new functionality need to be in line with the current theme? Yes, please follow the same color, font and theme that currently exist.

- Do you want this Profile aware feature for all schools within Georgetown? All the different schools and students should have access to the Profile aware page.

Another interview was scheduled with Georgetown Product owner to address concerns/questions that the development team had.

During the second interview, the team discussed the requirements in detail and clarified any questions. Georgetown was able to provide clarification about current registration system and the reason the functionality existed today. During the discussions, the team suggested that the student base should also be surveyed to get their opinion with respect to the registration system and identify any gaps. Actual Survey and Questionnaires are attached in the artifact section of this document.

The Survey was distributed via flyers, in the library/cafeteria, and online to all current students. The following results were provided by the students that returned their Survey:

- How often do you register online?

- How often do you search for courses not related to your major?

- Would you prefer to have your own profile?

- Would you use mobile application if it was available?

- What features do you want to see on the registration website?

The requirements gathering techniques used by the team helped to begin the requirements in a very organized manner. As soon as the elicitation methods were employed - Business Analyst started documenting the requirements and shared the results with the stakeholders. Once the scope and the requirements were defined, the project team was able to continue to the next phase.


Functional Requirements

The main objective of this system upgrade is to improve the system usability by personalizing the class search and registration functionality. During the registration process the student will have the ability to choose to only view available classes required for the degree program in which he/she is enrolled. This will be accomplished by adding connectivity to the Student Academic Profile portals and database information, and adding selectable class search choices.

Table 5.0 Functional Requirements

Parent Req. ID

Child Req ID

Grandchild Req ID




Profile Preferences Access

The system shall give the user the functionality to access Profile Preferences by logging into MyAccess.


System shall require the user to select preferences at the first login.


System shall navigate to the Profile preferences screen by clicking on the profile preferences icon.


Profile Preferences Screen

System shall allow user to set options on the profile preferences screen.


Program Selection

System shall have a Program selection dropdown.


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