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Last update: January 3, 2019
  • Case Study Edit4u

    Case Study Edit4u

    Case study Edit4U After studying the situation of Edit4U, here are some of the issues that can have an impact on the future of the company, along with some proposal on how to improve the situation. We have identified several topics on which we think you need to work on: first one is the lack of reliable financial information system; secondly there is the undercapitalization and the insufficient cash flows, which are a danger for

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  • Case Study J.W Speaker

    Case Study J.W Speaker

    Case Study J.W Speaker ========== ________________ Table of Contents Abstract Background Problem Description Discussion and Analysis Recommendation Lens and Housing Scrap Bezel and Mounting Disc Conclusion Abstract J.W. Speaker is a Manufacturing company that focuses on creating high performance vehicular lightning technologies for high end customers, such as Harley Davison. They create a specific light “Bully” light for Harley Davidson. Since the start of production of the light, it has had a large scrap

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  • Integrated Research Ltd Case Study

    Integrated Research Ltd Case Study

    applications. Also in the same year, the company formed a technical and marketing partnership with UK based Tiger Communications for call management solutions. Integrated Research expanded its IP telephony and voice over IP (VoIP) management software to support three additional IP communication platforms, in 2006. In the same year, the company introduced PROGNOSIS IP Telephony Management Reporter, a new reporting software solution for IP telephony. In 2007, the company entered into a five-year technology bundling

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    Submitted: July 9, 2017 Autor: Sara17
  • Redgate Case Study

    Redgate Case Study

    It is evident that the high level of empowerment has been achieved, as a result of Redgate’s flat organisational structure and unique job design which allows them to motivate their employees in such a way, which gives them the autonomy within their role to manage teams and themselves. Empowerment leads on to intrinsic motivation, which occurs when an employee is self-motivated to engage in activities as a result of the satisfaction obtained from carrying

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    Submitted: July 23, 2017 Autor: Jannisthomas
  • A Case Study on Ip Process Improvement

    A Case Study on Ip Process Improvement

    must approve it. A communication plan should also be developed, so there are no surprises upon implementation. This formula ensures organisational success – communication and involvement of the right people, at the right time. Resistance to change is common, so plan ahead. Identify people early on who may resist potential changes, define why you expect resistance and plan to communicate with those people. In Lean Six Sigma, we like to let the data do the

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    Submitted: July 31, 2017 Autor: Sharon
  • Listening Skills Case Study

    Listening Skills Case Study

    B2. 1) There is no proper communication between the employees in the company. 2) Employees failed to complete the project within deadlines and also the budget of the project increased in the end due to the absence of teamwork. 3) Each employee in the company felt that his own project is important. 4) There is no proper defining and reviewing of organizational mission. 5) Formulating and analyzing the strategies are very important to the

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    Submitted: August 18, 2017 Autor: Adnan
  • Case Study Project - Student Registration System

    Case Study Project - Student Registration System

    Questionnaires and Survey: Questionnaires and Surveys are used to quickly gather feedback from a large group of participants. There are free online survey-making websites; therefore, surveys are easy and cost effective to create a survey and mass email to a potential list of end users. Surveys are inexpensive and provide a quick way to gather feedback from the actual end users. For a successful response from surveys, the targeted list needs to be large

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    Submitted: August 18, 2017 Autor: goude2017
  • Credit Card in Mexico

    Credit Card in Mexico

    ========== INTRODUCTION In the world there are many ways to use the money, but one of them are cards both debit and credit are used worldwide and focus in México, here is a little introduction about what is one of this. Even though debit cards have become widely used, many people are unfamiliar with them. They look like credit cards, but function like cash or personal checks. When you use a debit card for a

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  • Coach Knight: A Will to Win and Coach K: A Matter of the Heart Case Study

    Coach Knight: A Will to Win and Coach K: A Matter of the Heart Case Study

    4. Who is more effective? Why? under what conditions would you hire coach K? coach Knight? I think for the short-term, coach Knight is more effective, on the other hand, for the long-term coach K is more effective. Coach Knight is a task focus guy, he would use his tough leadership style to force people to perform at their best. He is like a stick, pushing you keep moving forward. But it’s not good

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    Submitted: August 19, 2017 Autor: Mikki
  • Enron Case Study

    Enron Case Study

    Enron case study ========== Enron Case OVERVIEW OF WHAT HAPPENED Enron was born in 1985 as a result of fusion between Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth, and it was a energy and services company. The first CEO had been Kenneth Lay. Since his born the Enron’s company culture was always based on fraud and corruption. Moreover its financial condition was sustained by institutionalized, systematic, and creatively planned accounting fraud. Infact the company was involved in

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  • A Case Study on Venezuela's Shortage

    A Case Study on Venezuela's Shortage

    To explain what is really happening, let’s first recap how any normal economics market works and project it over our case. In general the price of a certain good is the equilibrium point where both supply and demand curve intersects. If the country produces more than it demands, than we face a surplus condition and the latest exports the good, but on the other hand, if the country demands more than its produces, the

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    Submitted: August 28, 2017 Autor: Sara17
  • The Walt Disney - Case Study

    The Walt Disney - Case Study

    3. Opportunities Firstly, the company opportunity can be built Disney theme park in some countries such as Indonesia, India or Malaysia because those countries at most top 10 highest populations in the world. For example, there are many people from southeast such as Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian went to HongKong or Tokyo just for holidays, so they must be planned to go to Disneyland for sure. However, people from southeast also might think that

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    Submitted: September 3, 2017 Autor: Jannisthomas
  • Barilla Case Study

    Barilla Case Study

    CHALLENGE OPTION PRO CON Stock-outs Control customers inventory replenishment - CDCs & DCs inventory levels reduction; - Reduction of number of SKUs - Responsibility for stock-outs and / or backorders High demand fluctuation Introducing efficient forecasting system - Order lead time reduction; - Backorders reduction; - Increasing flexibility of the distribution system - Customers education; - Developing new incentive bonus system for sales representatives Communication gap Customer-oriented supply chain management system - Reestablishing customer

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    Submitted: September 12, 2017 Autor: Mikki
  • Strategic Human Resource Management and Knowledge Workers- a Case Study of Professional Service Firms

    Strategic Human Resource Management and Knowledge Workers- a Case Study of Professional Service Firms

    of organizational goals and consider employees as valuable assets. Adhering to only one of the approach might not benefit the organization. It is necessary for any organization to understand the need make blend of both the approaches to attain best results. The assumptions made by the author in this case study also exemplifies the two models to some extent. PSF1 values the employees and their contribution, promotion is based on experience and performance. The performance

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    Submitted: September 20, 2017 Autor: Rachel
  • Case Study- Burger King

    Case Study- Burger King

    China markets Economic factors There are two major economic factors affecting the acceptance of Burger King. The first factor is that the per capita consumption of urban residents in China increased rapidly. Based on the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics, it shows that the per capita consumption of urban residents is $17893 RMB and there is $5936 RMB is food expenditure during 2009. This creates a favorable business environment for Burger King. Moreover, due to

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    Submitted: September 20, 2017 Autor: Tim
  • Pelican Stores Case Study

    Pelican Stores Case Study

    [pic 7] Using the analysis above, the regular customers purchased the least number of items and the bulk of sales were in the 1-4 item range. The customers that purchased items based on the promotion Pelican advertised, spent more and they made purchases for items in larger ranges. The program was an overall success as the new promotional customers made up 76% of sales. Pelican Stores- Case Study 2 Pelican Stores, a division of

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    Submitted: September 21, 2017 Autor: Jannisthomas
  • Brand Management Case Study of Gap Limited

    Brand Management Case Study of Gap Limited

    Environment is being more concern in China nowadays. Since the publication of the 12th Five-Year Plan, China has to eliminate the high pollution, low capacity industryies. The CPC wish to rebuild China’s producing industries in green. Then, environmental friendly development also becomes an aspect when measuring political achievement of local government officials. Internal analysis Product is the soul of the company, no one will buy a product that they do not want, threfore its

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    Submitted: September 21, 2017 Autor: Sharon
  • California Pizza Kitchen Case Study

    California Pizza Kitchen Case Study

    For CPK’s finance team, there are couple decisions which were needed to make. The Chef Financial Officer Susan Collyns has two issues to solve the capital expenditures. In CPK’s 2007 growth plan, it has sixteen to eighteen new locations are in need to open. And the funding requires $85 million in capital expenditure. To realize the development in expansion, Collyn needs to solve this problem by changing capital structure. Then she needs to repurchase

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    Submitted: September 21, 2017 Autor: Maryam
  • Jennifer Childs Case Study

    Jennifer Childs Case Study

    WEIGHT SCORING MODEL CRITERIA WEIGHT PROJECT 1 PROJECT 2 PROJECT 3 Potential Income 4 Job Creation 3 Uses Core Competencies 2 Increases competitive edge 1 CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS The strategic objectives of these projects are to increase the company’s long; term growth but the CEO needs to provide her managers with a more detailed RFP. A Return on investment and cost benefit analysis should be done to obtain a future return for the company

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    Submitted: October 2, 2017 Autor: Maryam
  • Multi Projects Inc. Case Study

    Multi Projects Inc. Case Study

    Human Resource management becomes the responsibility of the PMO because it is a natural partner with project management and project portfolio management. Resource constraints affect both project work and operational work, the normal day-to-day work of the business. Accordingly, resource management processes should track the operational work (the day-to-day activities) in addition to project-specific work being done by the business in order to paint a complete picture of the total capacity or work an

    Essay Length: 2,609 Words / 11 Pages
    Submitted: October 2, 2017 Autor: Adnan
  • Samsung Case Study

    Samsung Case Study

    Goal, Objective and Culture Samsung’s Goal is to develop its talents and technology for creation of greater products and services which can contribute to the society as a whole. Samsung embedded 5 Values in the corporation as having strong values is essential for achieving a good business. Samsung takes into account of these values in its code of conduct and also while in the decision making process. These values are People, Excellence, Change, Integrity

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    Submitted: October 3, 2017 Autor: Joshua
  • Case Study Analysis Paper one: A Tale of Two Coaches

    Case Study Analysis Paper one: A Tale of Two Coaches

    In contrast, Krzyzewski has both positional power and personal power. He is certainly able to influence those around him because he is “the coach,” however his players have also allowed him to lead. He has earned his position of control because his players like him and they believe in his abilities. Coach K’s methods of running the Duke Men’s Basketball Team are tough, family-oriented, and wildly successful and are an excellent example of referent

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    Submitted: October 4, 2017 Autor: Joshua
  • Lost Dog Commercial Case Study

    Lost Dog Commercial Case Study

    The casting chosen in an advertisement can make all the difference when it comes to its likability. “Research demonstrates that consumers also regard animals, children and animated spokes-characters as trustworthy and likeable advertising characters. Research on source effects in advertising indicates that different types of advertising characters may possess credibility and attractiveness, some potentially heightening consumer attention to advertisements and inspiring consumers to emulate the spokesperson” (Kim, Freling, & Grisaffe 2103, pg. 136). The

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    Submitted: October 5, 2017 Autor: Tim
  • How to Do Case Studies

    How to Do Case Studies

    3. Organize your writing so that the reader can identify a well-stated problem, an organized solution, a set of conclusions or a summary of actions being recommended. 4. Avoid statements of opinions or argumentative matters unless you are sure that they cannot be contested in the context in which you have used them. Your analysis must be supported primarily by facts and situations supplied by you in the case itself, not the generalizations you

    Essay Length: 1,101 Words / 5 Pages
    Submitted: October 5, 2017 Autor: Sharon
  • Dentonic - Case Study

    Dentonic - Case Study

    Shifting Market Trend in Tooth Powders Dentonic powder has successfully held 80% market share during the 1990s. Khaaas and Trident brands each had nearly 10% market share. The reason Dentonic dominated the dental powder market was that it was a high quality product, very effective for oral care, and had a strong heritage. Aspirations for a better lifestyle characterize most consumers – that holds true for Dentonic powder users as well. Mr. Alavi kept

    Essay Length: 2,901 Words / 12 Pages
    Submitted: October 6, 2017 Autor: Jannisthomas

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