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Last update: January 3, 2019
  • Lego Strategic Management Case Study

    Lego Strategic Management Case Study

    On the societal front, the Group has been providing a safe working environment for its 17,294 employees, adhering to stringent safety measures and successfully reduced the number of injuries per one million man hours among from 1.7 in 2014 to 1.4 in 2015, the lowest rate ever achieved by the Group.[10] Besides ensuring safety, the Group also focuses on bringing diversity to its employee base. In 2015, the Group achieved gender balance in its

    Essay Length: 6,493 Words / 26 Pages
    Submitted: January 29, 2018 Autor: Rachel
  • A Case Study of Nigeria

    A Case Study of Nigeria

    Religion/tradition There are three predominant tribes within Nigeria, Hausa in the north, Ibo and Yoruba in the south, with subsequent subdivision of the south into two sections - south-east and south-west. This subdivision puts the Ibo in the south-east and Yoruba in the south-west. The north is highly populated with Muslims and the south is divided amongst the Ibo which is predominantly Christians and the Yoruba with an equal mix between both religions. It

    Essay Length: 2,410 Words / 10 Pages
    Submitted: January 29, 2018 Autor: Joshua
  • Case Study Report - It Alignment with Business Strategy and Organization and Sustainable It

    Case Study Report - It Alignment with Business Strategy and Organization and Sustainable It

    In another journal article the authors (Shankar Babu Chebrolu and Lawrence Ness, 2013) argue that greater IT delivery capability is achieved by the alignment of the IT and Business stake holders. They presented the empirical evidence to support their argument and proposed a research model which will observe and measure the relationship of the strategic alignment in IT Companies and their impact on the IT performance. The research findings proved that the strategic alignment

    Essay Length: 5,095 Words / 21 Pages
    Submitted: January 29, 2018 Autor: Mikki
  • Air Canada Case Study

    Air Canada Case Study

    Service[r] “Air Canada has fleets of Airbus A330, Boeing 767, Boeing 777, and Boeing 787 wide-body jetliners on long-haul routes and uses the Airbus A320 family aircraft, including the A319, A320, and A321 variations, and Embraer E190 family aircraft on short-haul routes” (Air Canada annual report 2015, P9). The company operating these divisions include Air Canada Cargo, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada rouge. Their extra-subsidiary department is Air Canada Vacations which provides vacation

    Essay Length: 2,488 Words / 10 Pages
    Submitted: January 30, 2018 Autor: Tim
  • Electrochem, Inc Case Study

    Electrochem, Inc Case Study

    was recommended by West to Radha in order to get an infusion of cash from the private equity market. Clinton was assigned to develop and prepare a business plan to raise $500,000 from the informal private equity market or business angel investors. Clinton was asking for $150,000 salary with other benefits package, Radha did not agree with that request and have to accept after West convinced her to accept it. However, Clinton did not deliver

    Essay Length: 2,800 Words / 12 Pages
    Submitted: January 30, 2018 Autor: Maryam
  • Otis Elevator Case Study

    Otis Elevator Case Study

    4. An Otis manager states in the case that “To achieve continuous transformation, the e*Logistics program makes sure the business process change sticks. At first business executives saw process improvements from SIP, but after even just a few employees left, benefits fell off and became inconsistent. With the e*Logistics program, best practice from SIP are baked into the organization and institutionalized to achieve that continuous transformation.” How do the systems that comprise the e*Logistics

    Essay Length: 1,104 Words / 5 Pages
    Submitted: January 30, 2018 Autor: Rachel
  • Barnes and Noble Case Study

    Barnes and Noble Case Study

    costs Sound alternatives/Measurements Since the majority of consumers of books are adults over 45 and children under 12, BN should implement promotions and events to both groups. Once you get them in the store, you must create an experience beyond rows of books. BN should find a way, by leveraging their size, to offer combined paper and digital versions of the same book at no additional cost to the consumer. Consumers would rush to the

    Essay Length: 2,029 Words / 9 Pages
    Submitted: January 30, 2018 Autor: Jannisthomas
  • Star River Company Case Study

    Star River Company Case Study

    BAB II LANDASAN TEORI II.1 Forecasting T-account forecasting adalah metode yang dimulai dari tahun dasar dari sebuah financial statement seperti tahun akhir suatu pelaporan. Pengimputan menentukan setiap tahun akun akan berubah dan menghasilkan balance yang baru. Namun kendalahnya metode ini memerlukan informasi peramalan yang kadang tidak tersedia. Sedangkat Percentage of Sales forecasting adalah metode forecast yang dimulai dari peramalan penjualan dan mengestimasi akun lainnya berdasarkan pada hubungan sales dengan akun tersebut. Namun peramalan yang

    Essay Length: 3,108 Words / 13 Pages
    Submitted: January 31, 2018 Autor: Sara17
  • Food Banks Canada Case Study

    Food Banks Canada Case Study

    The problem Food Banks Canada is having is their revenue level. Although they’re rated larger in food donations and staff levels, Food Banks Canada remains dependent on government advocacy. Reports indicate that majority of donors prefer to donate to national rather than provincial associations and member surveys reported that the larger food banks were less satisfied with provincial associations, reporting that Food Banks Canada provided little direct value to them (Cawsey, Deszca, & Ingols,

    Essay Length: 1,316 Words / 6 Pages
    Submitted: January 31, 2018 Autor: Mikki
  • Accounting Fraud Case Study

    Accounting Fraud Case Study

    - Ethical Issues Computer Associates’s General Counsel, Steven Woghin was enlisted to examine the allegations. Preliminary discussions with individual managers and the available documentation did not seem to support to against the firm. He was disrupting the investigation by hiding documents. However, in July 2003, Federal investigators expressed dissatisfaction with CA’s internal investigation of the allegations. Faced with this criticism, CA’s board hired the prestigious law firm Sullivan & Cromwell to investigate more aggressively.

    Essay Length: 4,097 Words / 17 Pages
    Submitted: January 31, 2018 Autor: Mikki
  • Barclays Global Investors Case Study

    Barclays Global Investors Case Study

    Parsons also played an important role in the sales team for the early development. He hired high quality sales people and ran the team efficiently. He split the sales team into three groups focusing on different advisors and he had a good awareness of the market segments. Despite the slow growth at the beginning, the iShares funds gradually attracted assets and became worldwide. BGI made use of its scale, experience and its early mover

    Essay Length: 2,390 Words / 10 Pages
    Submitted: January 31, 2018 Autor: goude2017
  • Bliss Air Line Limited Case Study

    Bliss Air Line Limited Case Study

    a stock dividend, the economic substance of the transaction is more of a stock split. Due to the large amount of shares to be issued, capital markets will see as a stock split and will likely value each share at 50% of its fair value before the stock split. This will likely occur since shareholders will recognize that there are no new funds coming into the company and that it is really only the number

    Essay Length: 1,495 Words / 6 Pages
    Submitted: February 1, 2018 Autor: Mikki
  • Nordstrom Case Study

    Nordstrom Case Study

    Level of Rivalry The Specialty Retail Department Store industry is highly competitive due to the size and power of the competitors, the low level of product differentiation and switching costs and the fact that capacity is grown in large increments. First, there are a number of one-off local competitors throughout the nation that still exist (albeit this population is rapidly declining). Additionally, the major competitors are roughly similar in size and power (Nordstrom, R.H.

    Essay Length: 2,367 Words / 10 Pages
    Submitted: February 1, 2018 Autor: Adnan
  • Pizza Hut Case Study

    Pizza Hut Case Study

    Type of buying decisions made for Pizza Hut is the limited problem solving since the process involves a moderate amount of effort and time. The consumers engaged in the process usually have had previous experience with other fast foods or quick service restaurants. Since, their choice decisions are based on the knowledge of the product in various other such stores they are engaged in limited problem solving. Franchising format of Pizza Hut – Business

    Essay Length: 5,582 Words / 23 Pages
    Submitted: February 1, 2018 Autor: goude2017
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: An Anglo American Case Study

    Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: An Anglo American Case Study

    Anglo American also aims to make sure they play the important role in protecting human right of their employees and local people in the country that have operation. This company have support the principle of Universal Declaration of Human Rights based on dignity, equity and fairness. Anglo American also develop the Socio-Economic Assessment Toolbox or Seat process. This toolbox helps managers to measure the impact of activities on the company and communities. To protect

    Essay Length: 1,264 Words / 6 Pages
    Submitted: February 1, 2018 Autor: Jannisthomas
  • Microsoft and Hotmail Case Study

    Microsoft and Hotmail Case Study

    the Windows service company are offering on the market. This event was given Microsoft an additional 6 million customers are using Hotmail. The interests of the parties Microsoft is facing many difficulties in the e-mail service as well as facing greater competitive rivals. For the acquisition of Hotmail - an e-mail service is being preferred. It will help the company solve problems and strengthen competitiveness and achieve the leading position in the field of e-mail.

    Essay Length: 1,997 Words / 8 Pages
    Submitted: February 2, 2018 Autor: Rachel
  • Pedro - a Case Study

    Pedro - a Case Study

    Development of another Strategic Business Plan The current business state can be an opportunity to develop a strategic plan that focuses on distributive justice amongst employees involved. Start of Regular Business Communication A tone is very important in an organization. In order to create the organization’s tone, it is necessary that every member of the group is aware of the business decisions and conditions thru proper communication and cascading of information. Threats Demotivation of

    Essay Length: 1,739 Words / 7 Pages
    Submitted: February 3, 2018 Autor: Sharon
  • Building a Strong Brand with Association – Red Bull Case Study

    Building a Strong Brand with Association – Red Bull Case Study

    As we can conclude, Skoda has to cope with many different threats but from point of view they analyse and solve them very effective and fast. What in your view are the important benefits of using a SWOT analysis The main goal to conduct a SWOT is to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a company. When a company or manager is fully aware of these 4, it will help to develop

    Essay Length: 1,293 Words / 6 Pages
    Submitted: February 3, 2018 Autor: Jannisthomas
  • Ocean Carriers Case Study

    Ocean Carriers Case Study

    One assumption is made in our NPV calculation: Since the ship is fully depreciated in 25 years, we assume a zero revenue from selling or scrapping the ship in the 25th year. As a result, if we compare the NPV of -7,267,952 in appendix E with -7,805,694 in appendix A where the company scrap with $5 million in the 15th year, the company should reject the policy of not operating ships over 15 years.

    Essay Length: 1,218 Words / 5 Pages
    Submitted: February 4, 2018 Autor: Sharon
  • Kodak Case Study

    Kodak Case Study

    [pic 7] PESTLE ANALYSIS Political Factors Laws and governmental regulations have an impact on the way Kodak operates and manufactures its products. Kodak riding the wave of globalization expanded into many different countries. By doing this, Kodak became obliged to adapt to different legislations. The problem with this is that not only are the politics of each country possibly incompatible with the politics of other countries which jeopardizes Kodak’s entire value chain and creates

    Essay Length: 3,025 Words / 13 Pages
    Submitted: February 4, 2018 Autor: goude2017
  • Sticky Fingers Case Study

    Sticky Fingers Case Study

    Option 3 – Hire an independent investigator that is neutral and can make an unbiased decision. Hiring an independent investigator can provide objectivity that an internal investigator may lack. ("Investigations," 2015, p. 1). The investigator comes in without any preconceived beliefs and is a neutral party to the investigation. Some companies do not want to spend the money on an outside investigator especially if they have security and a HR department. However, I believe

    Essay Length: 1,422 Words / 6 Pages
    Submitted: February 5, 2018 Autor: Sharon
  • Case Study: Apple, Inc.

    Case Study: Apple, Inc.

    (Khan et al., 2015). Ordinary middle class individuals view the iPhone and other related products as a luxury and prefer to spend their money on other cheaper quality brands. There have also been complains about the use of iOS in Mac computers. Many individuals report experiencing difficulty using this operating system; this has not been the case amongst users of Android and Microsoft systems. Take-Aways for Similar Technological Companies The development of Apple, Inc. asserts

    Essay Length: 1,233 Words / 5 Pages
    Submitted: February 5, 2018 Autor: Maryam
  • Purinex Inc - Case Study in Finance and Investment

    Purinex Inc - Case Study in Finance and Investment

    While the total development time for a drug is highly variable, it took 10 to 15 years, on average, to move a drug from preclinical development to marketing approval. The process for discovering, developing, and gaining approval for new therapeutics consisted of several distinct steps: early discovery, preclinical development, clinical trials, and regulatory filling and review. Exhibit 1 illustrates schematically the phases of development for new compound. According to number of studies, the preclinical

    Essay Length: 2,633 Words / 11 Pages
    Submitted: February 5, 2018 Autor: goude2017
  • Tanglewood Case Study

    Tanglewood Case Study

    Emerson and Wood eventually decided to rename their store chain Tanglewood in 1984. Much more rapid growth began around this time. As Emerson put it, “we worried for a long time that expanding would compromise our vision of a small, personable shopping experience. We had always wanted to run the type of store that we would love to work and shop at. Around 1984, after we had 10 stores, we realized we had developed

    Essay Length: 23,554 Words / 95 Pages
    Submitted: February 6, 2018 Autor: Sara17
  • Pocktech Company Case Study

    Pocktech Company Case Study

    - Financial ratio analysis [pic 11] January 15, 2013 Balance Sheet: Cash and cash equivalent 142,410,000 Accounts receivables, net 124,230,000 Inventories 13,770,000 Total current assets 498,720,000 Total assets 1,063,560,000 Total current liabilities 424,080,000 Long-term debt 15,150,000 Total liabilities 501,900,000 Income statement: Net revenue 1,486,200,000 Gross income (margin) 280,500,000 Operating income (margin) 124,020,000 Net income (margin) 87,690,000 Statement of Cash Flows Net cash from operating activities 159,300,000 Net cash used in investing activities (69,510,000) Effect

    Essay Length: 7,341 Words / 30 Pages
    Submitted: February 6, 2018 Autor: Rachel

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