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Integrated Research Ltd Case Study

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applications. Also in the same year, the company formed a technical and marketing partnership

with UK based Tiger Communications for call management solutions.

Integrated Research expanded its IP telephony and voice over IP (VoIP) management software to

support three additional IP communication platforms, in 2006. In the same year, the company

introduced PROGNOSIS IP Telephony Management Reporter, a new reporting software solution

for IP telephony.

In 2007, the company entered into a five-year technology bundling agreement with EMC Corporation

to bundle PROGNOSIS IP Telephony Manager technology. In the following year, Integrated Research

partnered with Touchbase, to use PROGNOSIS for IP Telephony as its managed service provision

offering for enterprise IP telephony clients.

Integrated Research partnered with Avaya to provide voice quality monitoring solutions to Avaya

customers in 2009.

In 2010, the company released PROGNOSIS monitoring solutions for HP StorageWorks XP Disk

Arrays. In the same year, the company signed an agreement with Stratus Technologies (Stratus),

a provider of industry standard fault tolerant servers. The agreement enables Stratus to resell

PROGNOSIS monitoring solutions. Also in the same year, the company launched PowerMinder, an

agent-less personal computer (PC) power management solution.

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Integrated Research Ltd


Integrated Research's VoIP management solution for Avaya Aura Communication Manager –

Prognosis VoIP Monitor was licensed to monitor more than five million phones in 2011. Also in the

same year, the company launched Prognosis Path Insight that pinpoints the network causes of voice

quality problems by automatically isolating degraded calls and their paths through the network.

In 2012, the company was selected as the initial Avaya DevConnect Select Product partners.

Integrated Research appointed Garry Dinnie as an Independent Non-Executive Director, in February


In October 2013, the company appointed Darc Rasmussen as the Chief Executive Officer. In the

same month, the company appointed Kevin Donovan as the Global UC Alliance Director.

Integrated Research appointed Kevin Ryder as the Vice President of Global Marketing, in November


In January 2014, the company appointed Steve Gilde as the Global ACI Alliance Director.

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Integrated Research Ltd



Name Job Title Board Compensation

Steve Killelea Chairman Non Executive Board

Clyde McConaghy Non-Executive Director Non Executive Board

Peter Lloyd Non-Executive Director Non Executive Board

Alan Baxter Independent Non-Executive Director Non Executive Board

Kate Costello Independent Non-Executive Director Non Executive Board

Garry Dinnie Independent Non-Executive Director Non Executive Board

Managing Director and Chief Senior Management

Executive Officer

Darc Rasmussen

Peter Adams Chief Financial Officer Senior Management 333322 AUD

Alex Baburin Chief Operating Officer Senior Management 298570 AUD

Andre Cuenin President, Americas Senior Management 420523 AUD

Jonathan Stern Vice President, Asia Pacific Senior Management 71253 AUD

Kevin Ryder Vice President, Global Marketing Senior Management

General Manager, Products and Senior Management 247947 AUD


John Dunne

General Manager, Human Senior Management


Melanie Newman

Global Unified Communications Senior Management

Alliance Director

Kevin Donovan

Steve Gilde Global ACI Alliance Director Senior Management

Company Secretary and Global Senior Management 209433 AUD

Commercial Manager

David Purdue

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Integrated Research Ltd

Key Employees


Steve Killelea

Board: Non Executive Board

Job Title: Chairman

Since: 2005

Age: 64

Mr. Killelea has been the Chairman at Integrated Research since 2005. He founded the company

in 1988 and held the position of Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer until 2004. Mr. Killelea

was appointed as a Director of the company in 2004. He also serves


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