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Listening Skills Case Study

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1) There is no proper communication between the employees in the company.

2) Employees failed to complete the project within deadlines and also the budget of the project increased in the end due to the absence of teamwork.

3) Each employee in the company felt that his own project is important.

4) There is no proper defining and reviewing of organizational mission.

5) Formulating and analyzing the strategies are very important to the company to reach objectives.

6) The company have to set long terms goals and objectives.

7) Lack of proper teams to decide which project is important to the company's growth.

8) Much confusion about the target market.


The major cause of the problem is that the founder and the managers of the company failed to identify the structure of the project, creating a responsible environment for each employee and raising awareness of the organizations culture. I strongly believe that the organizational politics effected badly to the company. The projects of the company should kept under same roof and the decision should be taken by the top management in choosing the right projects which are crucial to the company's growth. The company has effected badly by taking too many projects at a glance. Much attention haven't put on the internal matters of the company. The fast growth rate of the company (80%) a year also effected it internally.


The action plans which the company must follow to solve the problems facing by the company are:

- Sally Peters must involve and concentrate on the projects which are closer to the deadline and should have an eye on the management team.

- The company must create and implement a corporate structure for its success.

- Sally Peters have to concentrate on creating good bond between the team workers and employees of the company by putting get- to- gathers or some occasional group outings with all the employees.

- Screening should be done in deciding the projects that help the company's growth.

- Should hire a HR who takes care of all the resources that should be allocated to projects in time.

- Company should develop a mission statement and goals should be set and also create a easy strategy to reach the goals.


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