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Global Motors Mk Research Case Study

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1. If a mail survey were used, what would be the pros, cons, and special considerations associated with achieving the overriding objective of the survey?

As for the pros, the costs would be quite low, one could reach a high number of participants and through a filter, could ensure that the survey reached prospects customers that Global wants. Finally, if Global need to divide the surveys in “male – female” house holds, with a mail survey is better and easier.

In the other hand, many people could not answer, besides being a great number of questions would go assertiveness level reduced and in the worst cases when mail surveys, if confused prospects will have no one to ask directly and might have answers erroneous.

2. Many telephone data-collection companies offer national coverage. Some have centralized telephone interview facilities and some offer CATI services. If a telephone survey were used employing one of these companies, what would be the pros, cons, and special considerations associated with achieving the overriding objective of the survey?

As for cons, make a telephone survey usually have high costs if outsourced that other methods, also often do not have the certainty that one is answering is who you want and finally could say that in the telephone survey people often say or feel they do not have much time and feels disagree. Global would be better able to display multimedia content at the time of the survey as their industry demands it.

On the positive side, if you outsource to a company leader in surveys, one could believe in the validity of the data.

3. The following data collection methods are not likely to achieve the overriding objective. For each one, indicate why not.

a. Drop-off survey, Pretty expensive if you consider the amount of information being collected and the number of people who have thought Global.

b. Group-administered survey, This serves as the reaction that people may have to be in group or the opinions of majorities are relevant.

c. Mall-intercept survey, if the focus are head house holds, the malls are not likely.

4. Compare the use of an in-home method to the use of an online method for the Global Motors survey. What are the relevant pros and cons for each? Indicate which one you would recommend and why.

The pro of a method in house would be the direct contact with the client, but the rest would be very expensive, tedious and spend much time for most of 1,000 houses, which is


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