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Perfect Place to Live

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Muhammad Patel


Perfect place to live

When I try to think of a place that I would like to live in, I have to think about what would make me want to live there. I would say the weather, the views, and the things to do should be the deciding factors. While there are many places in the world that fit this criteria. For me the perfect place to live is United Kingdom, the reason for this could have been because of all of my possessions and family being in United Kingdom but I believe that it is because United Kingdom actually is the best place to live.

There are many reasons that United Kingdom is the best place to live but I believe that there are three important reasons that have caused me to come to this belief. First, in United Kingdom there are three seasons that all have different weather types. This is important for me because this makes living in United Kingdom better than living in someplace were the weather is the same all year and there is no changing in the seasons. This could be just because I am a person who gets bored easily, but I believe that change is important to life because it is easy to get bored when something is the same all of the time. Second reason is the culture and the help the government provides. To describe this second reason it includes free healthcare, democracy, education, housing, cars are better and cheaper. Lastly, United Kingdom is the best place to live because of the different towns that are different from each other. Driving from one end of the state to the other is like driving through many different states. For example, in United Kingdom there are areas like Hull downtown which has a city atmosphere and there are places that have farm like atmospheres and finally there are mountains. This also is important because no two areas in United Kingdom are exactly the same.

In United Kingdom people are friendly, kind and caring with any type of people. There we can see the respect one culture has for another and that is the greatness of United Kingdom that´s why I believe UK is the perfect country to live. Another interesting point I would like to share is that there you don’t only get kind and caring people but also the acceptance from them to help you solve your problem and help to carry forward your life.

I might believe that United Kingdom is the best place to live because I have lived there my childhood life. Even though most people think that where they live is the best place to be, I believe that changing is important in life, so I believe that United Kingdom is the best place to live.


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