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doing Business in South East Asia

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Doing business in South East Asia

South East Asia:

2nd ethnic group: Buddhism:

* Nirvana: a stage of total emptiness

* Good deeds: as many as possible to other people in the society. They are going to buy you a better life in the life after the death. Help to build Karma.

* No craving: have no credit

3rd ethnic group: the Indians:

* Close to Buddhism

* Do not try to rush people, put pressure.

12 countries (dont 2 non acceptés par l’indonésie): Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei, Philippines, Laos, Myanmmar, East Timor.

The worst corrupted places in Asia are Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia.

What are we selling to SEA? Food planes, weapons, transport equipment, … they needs everything. (Best ranking: 1)

2000: USA have generated 90,97% of global incremental GDP

2000-2008: EU generated 25 % of global growth.

Now: China: 17%, USA: 16%, EU: 12%, Rusia:5%

Australia is part of the ISS

La France est connue pour 3F : Fashion, Food, Fragrance.

Ne pas sous-estimer la compétitivité.

Always negociate and be diplomatic

Ethnic groups:

* Chinese (80%): Fujianren and Hokkien (groupe ethnique issue du Fujianren)

Central Chines business notions:

Wu Wei: go with the flow.

Chinese ignore the problem

Inspiration of the Taoism (Lao Tse).

Chong Yong: (doctrine of the middle)

You should never be extreme: golden middle, perfect middle between two people’s interest

Be morally cultivated: to have strong values.


Flag: White: peace & harmony, red: strength, bravery & courage in facing challenge, bleu: unity of the Malaysian people, Yellow: color of the royal family.

Capital: Kuala Lumpur

Religion: Muslims (60%), Buddhists (21%), Christian & Hindu

Population: Malay (50%), Chinese (Huaren), Indigenous, Indian…

Resources: Lot of gaz and petrol: Petronas Twin Towers.

Online shopping: Alibaba dominates, Taobao, Lazada(Singapore), Amazon,…

How to do business?

* Avoid conflict: they don’t like conflicts, prevent conflicts, be polite.

* Chinese still often dominate in business.

* The role of “go-betweens”, escrows (=

* Difficult to convince in business, they don’t like to lose

* Give access to a big market, very well place (Australia, Indonesia, Thailand,…)

* Corruption

* Be very patient, respect cultures

* Indirect, send signal who are going to be interpret

* Nonverbal communication

* Subtle, suggestive and indirect

* Never say no but “I’ll see, I’ll try …”

* Harmonious relationships

* Silence before questions

* Importance of contracts

* Meet people face to face

* First meeting: formal & respectful, deep discussions, user to meet the opposite group

A lot of subvention from the UE if you want to set up a business in Indonesia. (Entreprise Europe Network)

The best place to getting an office is Malaysia. It’s difficult in Singapore and Vietnam.


* Capital: Manila

* Most popular religion: Christianity

How to do business?

* Dress code for meeting: Men: dark suits & ties. Women: light colour dresses

* Punctuality

* Presentation cards

* Eyes contact

* No pressure

* Patient society, no rush in reaching an agreement

Philippines has the lower labor costs. It’s very easy to find a lot of people. 2.4 million people graduated every year.


Singapore is the richest countries in wealth report, 2ème Hong Kong.

Capital: Singapore city

Religion: Buddhist,

Modern, clean, mixed population/races, efficient transportation

Hight end industry

Multiracial society: Chinese dominants, Malays (30%), Indians and Caucasians Super efficient transportation.

Population: 5.6 millions residence population; national population: 2.9 millions.

Biggest problem: Chinese want to be allied with China but Singapore is allied with the US

How to do business?



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