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Assessment of the Impact of online Advertising on Business Development

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Analysis and Findings

There are diverse ways for different businesses to reach at their customers but the way always crosses the path of online advertising. According to professionals, internet advertising provides a greater platform to the smaller firms and organizations of small-scale industries to attract more and more consumers towards them and it is possible due to this modern technique of promotion. Behind the success paths of Multinational Corporations or MNCs, online marketing has been presenting its profound contribution. IT has been come to the front that a competitive edge among top companies is on the rise due to strong contest in the sector of online promotion. The advanced technology of the modern world facilitates highly developed internet facility, so it is now easy for these companies to attract new customers, retain the previous ones along with reach at those who want to know about new products and services. It has been proved as the most beneficial form of application thorough which reputation management is also possible to a greater degree. Personalization of marketing is one of the top-notch points by which business can access to the peak but all the processes go through the roadmap of online advertisement. It is providing various opportunities in the existing market by which consumers check the ability of personalizing up to what extent the company can change their marketing styles. With the help of this, business firms get familiar with the products that are manufactured according to the data known as customer specifics information. It is called as products fitting with the specifications of consumers. Lon-term progress has been noticed in case of many organizations who implemented this technique for promotion.


Perfect utilization of Social media can bring instant development with considerable amount of fresh opportunities. The products and services are often searched by the consumers in the internet, so if proper implementation takes place, then it is not tough to see the light of accomplishment. Networking websites have always high traffic, so right use of online advertisement in these social networking websites can result quicker as well as effective advancement of the business. Getting emails, good reviews and recommendations on these social media create a center of attention which magnetizes many new consumers towards the company. So, earlier purchases done by previous customers have also huge role and the promotion of that is in the hand of companies and it has been noticed that most of the companies know the proper use of these promotional techniques to attract new consumers towards them with higher traffic. There are two additional approaches known as interactive advertising as well as integrated advertising that are necessary for online advertisement. Both the techniques are thoroughly used in the present market as these considered as the most important elements of internet advertisement which have essential role in e-commerce development. In case of interactive promotion, the advertising method comprises of communication between the buyer and the seller in which the consumers have power over information that are obtained from the sellers. Whereas, integrated marketing is a brilliant strategy of promotion in which all the efforts regarding the communication along with advertising are pulled together and a campaign for the convenience of consumers are made available. These are the different distinctive ways that are followed in the business sectors at present.


From the research, it is clear that the impact of online advertisement on business development is quite positive. But, the fact is people and organizations have to use it wisely then only success can be achieved. There are varieties of ways related to online advertisement but choosing the right path for the right business according to the circumstance and market status is the major part of internet marketing. The cost effective factor will come to the light when perfect strategies along with online promotional campaigns are organized to get potential consumers who have true interest in the products of the corresponding fields of business. There are exemplary results in front of the people across the globe about how small companies with the help of inimitable online advertisement get at the top standing. More filtration of information related to products and categorization of different services online can change the previous result by social media advertising. There are also disadvantages regarding online promotion which should also be given importance along with the advantages. The over dependence nature of business towards technological aspects and internet world could possibly be wrong in the future. This also makes many fields of business more susceptible towards risky future. More technology oriented Way sometimes form bad reviews by customers, which could ruin the reputation of the firm. Moreover, it can be concluded that the modern approach of promotion through internet is a positive way of development in an overall manner. There are reasonable points which satisfy the positive outcomes that creates new opportunities in case of companies and their abilities of expansion become high though these short-term achievements. Thus, the impact of online marketing can be noticed in both small-scale as well as large-scale industries as people nowadays are very much connected with the internet and any strategy that goes with the world of internet efficiently and surpass the competitive edge among the top companies to get at the top is a strategy with supremacy that can help many companies to understand the new concept of promotion. It will also encourage small companies to implement the techniques so that they will also gain nice rate of revenue increase progressively.


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