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Business Skills Development

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After carefully considering the feasibility of this idea, from the aspects of the costs and the benefits, we though the solution was possible and promising. Because of the continuous high demand and the steady supply among students on campus or in student hall, we believe our idea will be sustainable and we are very proud of our idea.

Creativity is not a kind of talent, but a kind of skill to connect different things and find out the possible relationships to generate a new combination, just as Steve Jobs said. Problem solving is the process to find out imperfections and generate ideas for further development toward ideal status. We should always pay attention to things around us, find out the opportunities and connect our experience to initiate the solutions.

Thanks to BSD and the lovely teachers, I have also improved a lot in other skills such as critical thinking and learning to learn. In this last semester of bachelor study, I also did well in time management, especially when managing my projects. During my four-year study at PolyU and my academic exchange experience, I also obtained a wider global outlook through the interactions with people from all over the world.

After this semester, I will go to the U.S. to continue my postgraduate study and explore more about the other side of the earth. I will always keep what I have learnt from BSD classes in my mind, keep obtaining an all-round development and utilize my skills in work places and life. My current focus is to further develop my presentation skills, creativity, and critical thinking skills before graduation. I will keep an open mind and absorb new knowledge to form my own resources. BSD is a very useful course that teaches us the methods of soft skills development and I will certainly recommend BSD to my junior schoolmates. It is such an interesting and worthy experience of taking BSD this semester!


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