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Ritz Carlton - Business Development

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keys to enter escalators,” good interior lighting in public areas, especially hallways, stairways, and elevators.(UK Essays ,2015)

Ritz-Carlton pay attention to empathy of guest, “permit every employee to spend up to $2,000 making any single guest satisfied.” (Reiss, 2009)

7. Six criteria of good service

To provide high quality for customers, Ritz-Carlton create Gold Standards for customer service, which include credo, the motto, three steps of service, service values, the 6th diamond and employee promise. (The Ritz-Carlton, 2015)

8. Gaps model

To aim at the gap 1, Ritz-Carlton introduced new strategy “Let us stay with you.” (Elliott, 2014) The gap 2, Ritz-Carlton established and proper system to avoid delivery mismatch. Also the gap 3, the motto “we are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen,” and valuing employ most priced asset. The last one gap 4, Ritz-Carlton has proper communication and touch points.

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