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Business Administrator

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The business administrator governs or runs a company. The administration consists of shaping, of consistent and constant way organizations. All organizations have with people who are commissioned to help you achieve your goals, called managers, administrators.

Administrators develop a set of resources human, material, technical, monetary, time and space into a useful and effective company.

They have the responsibility of carrying out actions that allow the people to make their best contributions to the objectives of the group.

The role of administrator

The profession is very varied depending on the level in which the administrator is situated, must live with the routine and the daily uncertainty of the operational level planning, organization, direction and control of the activities of their Department or division at the intermediate level, or even with the decision-making process at the institutional level facing an external environment that the company aims to serve. How much more the administrator worry to know or learn as tasks, run more prepared will be to act at the operational level of the company. How much more you worry to developing concepts more prepared will be to act on the institutional level of the company. An administrator must know as prepares a budget for expenses or a sales forecast, as he is built an organization chart or flow grass, as a balance, is interpreted as he is elaborated the planning and control of production, etc since these skills are valuable for management, however the most important and fundamental is know how to use them and in which circumstances apply them properly.

1 Administration objectives. In an efficient and effective manner the objectives of a social organism.

Efficiency. When the company reaches its goals

Efficiency. When it achieved its objectives with the minimum


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