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Chaldal Business Development Plan

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Company’s trying to enter e-commerce business will have a pretty easy way. There will be less barriers as people are very use to internet now and have the idea of how to buy from internet. People are sophisticated and have good understanding about how to sell in the internet. Moreover, this platform will give a huge customer line of interest for any new comer.

Chaldal should upgrade as time passes. Build more small warehouses where there is large sell. This will help Chaldal to satisfy customers by reducing delivery time and customers will look for other e-commerce market when there is Chaldal.

Ansoff’s Matrix:

Strategic marketing planning instrument that links a firm's marketing strategy with its wide-ranging strategic direction and presents four substitute growth strategies as a table (matrix).

These strategies are to be looked for while developing Chaldal:

- Market penetration: by pushing existing items in their present market sections.

- Market development: by developing new markets for the current items.

- Product development: by developing new items for the current markets.

- Diversification: by developing new items for new markets.

[pic 2][pic 3]

Chaldal has areas where they can use Ansoff’s Matrix to simply build their empire in a more solid ground. Here are some ways:

- Market Penetration:

Pricing is the only thing that will give them the market penetration. Chaldal should look for ways to reduce price and give the best quality for product possible. Plus, Chaldal can also give offer that they give in TV advertisement right away, so that people are aware of the upgrades that Chaldal has to offer.

- Product development:

Chaldal has many products and categories, foreign and local, common and uncommon. What Chaldal does not have that much are electrical goods. They can first set off by buying it from shops and selling them (without holding an inventory). They can also start will small products like, mobile phones, chargers, mouse of a computer, and so on. When they see, they have got a good base line building up, Chaldal may invest in this field and start a new category in their business line of work.

- Market development:

Chaldal does not supply to some parts of Old Town in Dhaka and also does not do business outside Dhaka. What they can do is, expand their business to states after Dhaka and make their brand more widely spread with their business. They should also cover the full Dhaka by now and cover the areas there is still no Chaldal.

- Diversification:

Chaldal does not have any diversification strategy to follow for development.


After completing the report, I can say that Chaldal is doing a good business in Dhaka, Bangladesh but has no wish to expand to other states. They also didn’t even cover the whole Dhaka city yet, where as they stated their business in 2013. Chaldal is also not looking forward for upgrading.

In the above, I have discussed ways Chaldal can improve their business. As a matter of fact, Chaldal is also doing very well so far and hope they tend to do so and keep some upgrade in mind.


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