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Capital Punishment

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Pena Capital



Arguments for the existence of the death penalty.

In favor of the death penalty is often argued well that is just and moral (ethical argument ) penalty or punishment that is effective in preventing crime ( utilitarian argument ) or the religious argument or authority :

ethical Arguments

The death penalty is just and moral, for the following reasons:


It is the only just penalty for certain heinous crimes (murder, rape of children, treason ...) , especially those who deprive others of their lives , which are irreplaceable assets. He who lives by the sword, dies by iron.

Loss of right to life

Who commit certain serious crimes has broken the social contract (Rousseau) and no longer have any claim against the company that wins their crimes, not even the right to life or the protection of society, for whom the broken commits thereby ties with her.

Consuelo victims

It is the only penalty that gives some comfort or satisfaction to the relatives of those killed by the one to be executed, they deserve better treatment than that go for the criminal.

Utilitarian arguments

The death penalty is the only possible or worth the most effective to prevent certain crimes.

General Prevention

The death penalty prevents new crimes, especially when it is commonly known their applicability and their effective application is advertised ( with news of executions , public executions, or television broadcasts ) scares potential future perpetrators punished with it more effectively than other types of penalties , thus preventing such offenses better than other types of penalties that infuse less afraid of criminals.

special prevention

It also prevents the criminals can be executed again in a position to commit more crimes, eg absconding from prison. Certain offenders confined in prison may remain dangerous for either other inmates or prison officials, either for the general population (heads of terrorists or gangsters ) . Keep certain criminals in prison may encourage criminal gangs to liberate by force or extortion methods.

Low cost life imprisonment

Capital punishment is cheaper to keep locked up for life the condemned criminal at the expense of society victims of his crimes.


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