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  • Effective Power Management in Organization

    Effective Power Management in Organization

    3.2 REWARDS POWER The power of reward is seen as a power based on the ability of the leader to reward or reinforce a positive employee because it fulfills the expectations or directives that bring either to the organization or to the leader itself. This power strength increases when

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  • Effects of Academic Ranking to Students Social Interaction

    Effects of Academic Ranking to Students Social Interaction

    Learning Behavior Could it be possible that a student’s lack of social skills can affect his or her learning ability in school? If so, an answer to the problem concerning the need of students acquiring appropriate social skills is available for further research and action. Preliminary research on the

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  • Effects of Calcium Chloride Concentration on Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii Algae Growth

    Effects of Calcium Chloride Concentration on Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii Algae Growth

    Results Figure 1: [pic 1] Manipulation of calcium chloride in the tap media for the control group, experimental group two, and experimental group three, showed little advantage in increasing the calcium chloride concentration from two grams to four grams per two hundred milliliters. Control group, experimental group two, and

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  • Effects of Climate Change on the Coastal of Florida and Marine Life

    Effects of Climate Change on the Coastal of Florida and Marine Life

    Ocean acidification that is caused by oceans absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere--is also the coral threat. The more acidic the oceans, the more the inhibition of corals' ability to form skeletons through calcification, causing slow growth. More carbon dioxide reduces calcification in some corals by as much as

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  • Effects of Deforestation

    Effects of Deforestation

    branches, roots and leaves via the process of photosynthesis. It is stored in this biomass until being returned back into the atmosphere through natural processed or human interference. There are certain preservation groups that are taking part in a plantation farming style of trees to produce large and hardy trees

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  • Effects of Domestic Violence

    Effects of Domestic Violence

    Discussion After the results we collected of the data analysis a saturation had been reached, a theory was developed. The researchers developed a visual model to aid in the understanding of the research findings. The model assists in illustrating the relationship between the developed categories. The research proposed that

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  • Effects of Globalisation on Religious Fundamentalism

    Effects of Globalisation on Religious Fundamentalism

    Mass exposure and public access to the Internet has however delegitimized “traditional structures of religious authority” (Aly, 2012). Traditionally, religious authority is legitimised “through normative regulation, professionalised communication skills and community trust (Aly, 2012). In authentic Islamism religious authority is handed over to opinion leaders, individuals that have reliable

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  • Effects of News Media

    Effects of News Media

    Electronic media and its convergence did help to transform journalism and new consumption. Because of the new technology, journalism has been changed by convergence media by having faster turnaround time. For example, with a newspaper, it has to be printed which means today’s news tomorrow. Many news stations have

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  • Effects of Technology on Face to Face Communication

    Effects of Technology on Face to Face Communication

    Apendizaje ========== Dahiana Buenaventura Writing VI 03/20/14 Effects of Technology on Face to Face Communication There are many positives and negatives aspects when we talk about the face to face communication and the advantages of technologies. The advantages of technology in communication have taken away the importance of face to

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  • Eicosanoids and Nsaids Lecture

    Eicosanoids and Nsaids Lecture

    Slide: Culture in Japan - Importance of working for the right company This is just a simple example on the importance of one’s company in Japan. Besides the renting of apartments, many other aspects such as purchasing your apartment, your potential future spouse, your children’s school all depends on

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  • El Lenguaje

    El Lenguaje

    - Significado denotativo, uso común o acepciones generales de las palabras - Significado connotativo, tiene su origen en la experiencia social personal de los sujetos y grupos en relación con las palabras que utilizan. - Significado estructural, contenido o sentido que adquieren las palabras al unirse en frases y

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  • El Romanticismo

    El Romanticismo

    La literatura es tal vez la partícula romántica de mayor impacto en nuestros días, ya que de ellas se derivan películas, música, libros e inclusive poemas que hasta el día de hoy son muy populares entre las personas. Monstruos como Drácula o Frankenstein, hasta la Cenicienta (versión Disney, inspirada

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  • Elderly Advocacy Group

    Elderly Advocacy Group

    To partner with the government, private entities and other stakeholders to provide support services to the old in the vicinity. To enhance the success of the council mission, we will join hands with the government, the private sector and people of goodwill to create a rich pool of required

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  • Electrochemistry Analytical Chemistry

    Electrochemistry Analytical Chemistry

    Galvanic Cells: For part 1, The theoretical ranking of relative potential: Cu2+ >Fe2+>Zn2+>Al3+>Mg2+. And The actual ranking of relative potential: Cu2+ >Fe2+>Zn2+>Al3+>Mg2+. The ranking of the measure relative potential was the same as the theoretical ranking of relative potential. The measured voltage were close to the predicted values, however,

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  • Electron Transport Chain Experiment

    Electron Transport Chain Experiment

    DISCUSSION Plants cannot use light energy directly to make sugars. Instead, the plant changes the light energy into a form it can use: chemical energy. The chemical energy that plants use is stored in ATP and NADPH. ATP and NADPH are two kinds of energy-carrying molecules. Plants need water

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  • Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution

    Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution

    Bromine Appearance Diphenyl ether 4.45s Colorless Table 6. Rate of Bromination of Diphenyl Ether at room temperature @ 21oC Time Absorbance 15s .999 30s .999 45s .999 60s .999 90s .715 120s .574 150s .517 180s .456 210s .452 240s .408 Table 7. Rate of Bromination of Diphenyl ether In

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  • Electrophoresis


    It was recorded ‘was not visible’ for some bands but it should be noted that the bands which counted as visible appeared like large smears and some were not properly visible either. Hence, It could be assumed that more than one band was present in these large smears. Band

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  • Electrostatics Lab Report

    Electrostatics Lab Report

    - In this the initially recorded charge was -19.27 nC. - During second attempt it was -19.19 nC - Third time it was -19.19 nC - Fourth time it was -19.00 nC - Fifth time it was -18.96 nC During this experiment the charge decrease by time, charge may

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  • Elisa - a Rapid Immunochemical Assay

    Elisa - a Rapid Immunochemical Assay

    The diluted sera were discarded and washed four times using PBS-Tween. Consequently, 100 µL of 1:5000 of anti rabbit-HRP in PBS-Tween was added to the wells and another round of incubation at 37oC for 30 minutes was carried out. The antibody-enzyme conjugate was discarded and the plate was washed

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  • Emission Spectroscopy

    Emission Spectroscopy

    Data: Color Position number Red 6.5 Orange 6.3 Yellow 6.1 Green 5.6 Blue 4.9 Violet 4.5 Mercury line color Position # Violet 4.3 Blue 5 Green 5.6 Yellow 6 Hydrogen line color Position # Violet 4.5 Blue 5.1 Red 6.5 Salt Flame color CaCl2 Red BaCl2 Orangey-green KCl Light

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  • Emotional Intelegence

    Emotional Intelegence

    4. South Africa and its cultural diversity South Africa, ranked in position 8th most diverse country out of 159 countries in the world [James D. Fearon, (Jun., 2003: 195-222)] with an extremely rich cultural history is probably on par to most examples where (CI) is of utmost importance. In

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  • Emotional Intelligence and the Five Domains

    Emotional Intelligence and the Five Domains

    EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITY Emotional Intelligence and the Five Domains Ashley Vaughan Widener University INTRODUCTION The concept of Emotional Intelligence can be defined in several of ways. In this week’s reading article “Emotional Intelligence, emotions, and social work” written by Tony Morrison published in 2007. Morrison examined the role of emotional

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  • Employee Training as Human Capital Development at Pt. Wijaya Karya

    Employee Training as Human Capital Development at Pt. Wijaya Karya

    Throughout 2012, WIKA was success to complete many power plant projects, such as, 60MW Borang Gas Power Plant, 21MW Rengat Gas Engine Power Plant, 34MW Ambon Diesel Power Plant. There are more development happened on 2013, such as, established a joint venture PT Prima Terminal Petikemas together with PT

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  • Employment and Labour Law

    Employment and Labour Law

    Potential remedies In result of an unlawful strike, the remedies that an employer can take are; Grevience of arbritration, breach and a conciliator must be hired to settle the differences between the parties and to come to agreeable terms. “Applying for Declaration of unlawful strikes, filing damages claim alleging

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  • Empowering the Next Generation of Nursing Students

    Empowering the Next Generation of Nursing Students

    and healthcare practices in the healthcare system (Wilson et al., 2015). Evidence based practice promotes change, positive health outcomes, safety and efficiency (Wilson et al., 2015). Throughout our education, we have seen that the world of healthcare is constantly changing, from the history of Florence Nightingale to the digital platforms

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  • Emprendimiento


    Análisis de Resultados Para realizar un análisis de resultados adecuado, es importante comparar las propiedades de cada uno de los instrumentos que se utilizaron para llevar a cabo las mediciones presentadas anteriormente. Estudio y comparación de instrumentos utilizados: 1. Calibrador Resolución: 0.02 mm Umbral: 0.02 mm Histéresis: No aplica

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  • Emt and the Nervous System

    Emt and the Nervous System

    to provide care for those patients with the nerve disorders. Say you are called to a scene for a seizure. Once on the scene you find a flaccid unresponsive 72-year-old woman. Marked facial droop is present. She is also on Eliqus (a new generation thinner). She needs a Comprehensive Stroke

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  • End of Suburbia Video Report

    End of Suburbia Video Report

    New Urbanism is a design movement by which neighborhoods are promoted to become environmentally friendly, creating walkable neighborhoods with many kinds of housing and job types. The design is similar to conventional development; however, it is assembled in a more unison fashion, completing communities together such as housing, shops,

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  • Eng 100 - Paying Student Athletes

    Eng 100 - Paying Student Athletes

    Southall said so much emphasis is put on student athletes’ training schedules that can require more than 50 hours of practice per week, making it harder for students who might have to work more to keep up academically. On the other side of things people argue that college athletes

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  • Eng 220 - Lady Who Showed Me My Voice

    Eng 220 - Lady Who Showed Me My Voice

    At that point, I finally realized I had a voice and what it said counted for something In that speech, I was able to thank all my teacher who really was able to help me get this far. I was so very happy that I was able to share

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