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  • ?environmental Accounting: Tool to Increase the Efficiency of the Company

    ?environmental Accounting: Tool to Increase the Efficiency of the Company

    ENVIRONMENTAL ACCOUNTING: TOOL TO INCREASE THE EFFICIENCY OF THE COMPANY ========== ENVIRONMENTAL ACCOUNTING: TOOL TO INCREASE THE EFFICIENCY OF THE COMPANY By Gerardo Cárdenas In today´s internacional economy, It is necessary to know how to present the economic facts from real and understandable figures, in order to generate clarity about

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  • City Vs Countryside

    City Vs Countryside

    City vs Countryside ========== City vs Countryside This essay will describe interesting topic, which is life in the city and life in the countryside. Mentioning specifically about safety, technology and work conditions. Taking into account these points, we will make a comparison and we will know where it is better

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  • Composition Amazon Forest

    Composition Amazon Forest

    Composition Amazon Forest ========== Mac1 – Monday/Wednesday night 05/21/2014 ____________________________________________________________________________ Firstly I would like to thank you all for your support and I hope I can enlighten you with a theme that embraces all of us, Brazilians, and also the rest of the world. “The Amazon Forest is the lung

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  • Dogs and Cats as Pets

    Dogs and Cats as Pets

    Dogs and Cats as pets Cats and dogs are two of the most popular pets nowadays. Some people prefer the company of a cat, while others prefer the company of a dog. I like dogs more, but I think the preference for a dog or for a cat depends

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  • Ecological and Vegan Culture

    Ecological and Vegan Culture

    Cultura vegana y vegetariana ========== Ecological and vegan culture What is vegan?, this question is very normal to hear these days, well the answer is that vegan is more tan just the way we feed ourselves, is a philosophy that moves for the respect of animals and opposition to the

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  • Main Anthropogenic Sources of Greenhouse Gases – Methane and Nitrous Oxide

    Main Anthropogenic Sources of Greenhouse Gases – Methane and Nitrous Oxide

    Main Anthropogenic Sources of Greenhouse Gases – Methane and Nitrous Oxide Human sources of methane have increased since de Industrial Revolution. Human activities such as fuel production and livestock are the two main sources, but there are many more than affect too. Some of them are landfills, biomass burning,

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  • Natural Resources

    Natural Resources

    Linea del tiempo energia ========== Questionnaire #1 Phase 1. “Natural Resources” 1- What are the natural resources? A natural resource is anything that people can use which comes from the natural environment, people do not make natural resources, but gather them. 2- What kinds of natural resources are in your

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  • Ottawa Tries to Turn the Page on ‘colonial’ Ways of Past Governments

    Ottawa Tries to Turn the Page on ‘colonial’ Ways of Past Governments

    Abita Nagaratnam 213681572 Mohammed, Tutorial 2 Oct/17/2017 WHITE PAPER What is the main claim? What is the evidence of the claim? Why do you think the reading was assigned? How does this reading connect to a previous reading from this course? The main claim of this article is about the

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  • Overpopulation


    Overpopulation ========== Our project will focus on Human overpopulation and to fix that problem we will create a pill that can control the births of specific places that are completely full of people. Human overpopulation refers to the relation between the human population and the environment around it. Overpopulation is

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  • Ozone Layer

    Ozone Layer

    Ozone layer ========== ________________ “The ozone layer is a layer in Earth's atmosphere which contains relatively high concentrations of ozone” (The ozone Hole, s.f.) This layer is make of a gas which is called ozone. The ozone is a gas that has three atoms of oxygen. This layer is placed

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  • Photodegradation


    Photodegradation ========== Ricardo Garcia Diaz A01374575 Photodegradation of polymers “Love is in the air but the air is highly polluted” ― Amit Abraham Pollution has been a problem for many years since the industrial revolution. Each day we produce more pollution/wastes that affect the environment and therefore prejudice us, but

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  • Plastic Pollution

    Plastic Pollution

    Plastic pollution ========== Plastic: a killer In CVIS we as students in the school are following out a project about reducing plastic. Currently we consume plastic bags in vain when we should use reusable bags and then we would avoid contaminate the environment. Plastic spend very much time degrade and

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  • Recycling


    Recycling ========== Recycling Containers for dispensing plastic waste (yellow container), glass (green container) and paper or paperboard (blue container), for subsequent recycling. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Recycling is a process which aims to turn waste into new products or materials for further use. By recycling the disuse of potentially useful materials

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  • River Pollution

    River Pollution

    Rivers ========== RIVER POLLUTION Rivers, usually called “the source of life”, and one of the powerful force of nature, are fresh water that provides enough nutrients to people. The purpose of rivers apart from substance to people, I can say that helps more than others sources of life, you can

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  • San Antonio Aguas Calientes

    San Antonio Aguas Calientes

    Religion ========== NO. ID no. Pronunciation (Vocabulary) 4 pts. Information 4 pts. Visual material (Creativity) 4pts. Entonation 3 pts. Total 15 pts. 1 3509797 2 3620311 Touristic Place of Guatemala: SAN ANTONIO AGUAS CALIENTES It is also know as San Antonio of Padua. There are two villages in this town:

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  • The Coreless, Seedless, the Apple “eat It All”

    The Coreless, Seedless, the Apple “eat It All”

    * The coreless, seedless, the Apple “eat it all” * British Columbia or the Backyard, because the winter conditions don’t go much below -20C so they can grow all year around * We decided to use pesticides so all those nasty insects don’t come crawling on our seedless coreless apples

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  • The Enviromental Problems in the World

    The Enviromental Problems in the World

    THE ENVIROMENTAL PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD Environmental problems refer to situations caused by activities, processes or human, economic, social, cultural and political behaviors, among others; upsetting the environment and cause negative impacts on the environment, economy and society. MAIN ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD Those problems whose effects are not

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  • The European Heat Wave of 2003: A Multi-Layered Issue

    The European Heat Wave of 2003: A Multi-Layered Issue

    European heat wave ========== Ignacio Navarro Ramírez The European Heat Wave of 2003: A Multi-layered Issue “Breaking record temperature” was the headline of all newspapers around Western Europe at the beginning of August 2003, during “the hottest summer in the northern hemisphere to date” (Luterbacher, 2004). The severe effects caused

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  • The Oil Spill

    The Oil Spill

    The oil spill: The oil spill in the Napo River in Loreto, is wreaking havoc not only on the ecosystem, but also the residents of the surrounding areas, who cannot fish or consume water and therefore ask the Government support. Indeed, the inhabitants of the town of Monterrico of Angoteros,

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  • Treatment of the Waters of Xochimilco

    Treatment of the Waters of Xochimilco

    TREATMENT OF THE WATERS OF XOCHIMILCO. PROBLEM STATEMENT: Cleaning of the lake of Xochimilco. THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK: • Lake Xochimilco: The water of the lake of Xochimilco was a fresh water, but that did not mean that it was potable because in the lake many aquatic plant species grew that

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  • Water


    Water (Latin aqua) is a substance whose molecule is made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen (H2O). The term water generally refers to the substance in its liquid state, although it may be in its solid form called ice, and in its gaseous form called

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  • Water Our Precious Resource

    Water Our Precious Resource

    Water Our Precious Resource Water Our Precious Resource Susan Anderson April 21, 2018 Water Our Precious Resource Introduction and Scope of Paper Water is vital to our everyday survival and is a vital ingredient for the development and nourishment of what we call life. Water is actually a renewable resource

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  • What in Tarnation

    What in Tarnation

    The “What in Tarnation” image macro, a meme about a dog expressing bewilderment, circulated the internet and popular culture in early 2017. The meme indicated common befuddlement by the ridiculousness of certain situations, from the actions of a certain Commander-in-chief to the reactions of a Southern family visiting Berkeley during

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  • World Pollution

    World Pollution

    One of the most troublesome issues of the 21st century is world pollution. Currently the environment is so contaminated that it is difficult to breath without feeling a choking sensation, a problem in which urgent measures should be taken. Surely a single individual cannot be blamed for the world’s

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