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The Enviromental Problems in the World

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Environmental problems refer to situations caused by activities, processes or human, economic, social, cultural and political behaviors, among others; upsetting the environment and cause negative impacts on the environment, economy and society.


Those problems whose effects are not confined to one country or region, if not manifested extensively and intensively throughout the planet characterized by pollution and obstruction worldwide. One of the main characteristics observed across most of the time in the changes undergone by the environment are:

• Destruction of the ozone layer

• Global warming

• Acid Rain

• Destruction of Forests and Rainforests

• Desertification

• Animal Species Extinction

• Disposal of Toxic Waste

• Ocean Pollution

• Atmospheric pollution.

• Illegal trade in wild animals and plants.

• -deforestation for the development of infrastructure and transportation projects.

• Loss of biodiversity due to deforestation, habitat fragmentation and over-harvesting of wild animals and plants.

• Degradation of some basins north of the Orinoco River.

• Contamination of soil, water, plants, animals and humans by the effect of pesticides.

Main causes globally

The main damage to the global environment, are expressed in the depletion of renewable and non-renewable natural resources; the unequal ecological distribution of energy consumption among countries and in reducing the global environmental system capacity to absorb the waste produced by society. A major global environmental problem is the case of imbalance in the atmosphere caused by greenhouse gases antrópicade production, which began to induce changes in global weather patterns.

Prospects for the future

Future prospects, as far as the environment is concerned is unclear. Despite the economic and political changes, interest and concern for the environment it is still important. Air quality has improved, but is unresolved and require coordinated action the problems of acid rain, chlorofluorocarbons, ozone depletion and air pollution huge eastern Europe. While not decrease acid rain, loss of life will continue in the northern lakes and streams, and can be affected forest growth. Water pollution and this will remain a problem as population growth continue to increase the pressure on the environment. Infiltration of toxic waste in groundwater and saltwater intrusion into coastal freshwater aquifers have not been interrupted.


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