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End of Suburbia Video Report

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New Urbanism is a design movement by which neighborhoods are promoted to become environmentally friendly, creating walkable neighborhoods with many kinds of housing and job types. The design is similar to conventional development; however, it is assembled in a more unison fashion, completing communities together such as housing, shops, entertainment, schools, etc. this would make everything accessible and easy to get to. I believe that this idea could be an effective one. Having everything being a walking distance away would be a great thing. I feel there are a few benefits could arise from this, such as getting daily exercise to and from places without using a car. Also, the convenience of having these places nearby make the incentive of having a car almost none, this would help save the environment as well. I am uncertain in terms of what it could do to the economy for people having to not purchase cars, so it does have its virtues and vices.

Producing on the local scale is very important in terms of environment and economy. Resources that are generated within the U.S grant us the right to claim resources as such. With that, getting produce, such as vegetables and fruits, are fresher and have more taste. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are allowed to ripen longer, and not having to be transported from different places that could affect taste and quality. Also, eating from nearby helps give incentive to local farmers to produce more, thus making an equilibrium between producer and consumer. Also, supporting local food systems mean we consume less energy, fewer emissions, and miles traveled associated with imported food. This would be a positive effect on the environment. This goes in hand with Urban planning by means of where farms/resources should be produced/extracted from. That if there were to be an oil well under a neighborhood, what would the ethical implications be of kicking someone from their property for oil be? It wouldn’t make the people happy. On another note, allocating land space for farming and agriculture is key in keeping a systemic balance within society.


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