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Crisis of the End of the Semester

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Crisis of the End of the Semester


1. Crisis of the end of the semester.

1. Crisis

1.Medical Definition

2. Mental Breakdown

B. End of the semester

1. Students situation

a. Clothes backwards

b. Final Papers

c. Mental Breakdowns

d. Procrastinating

e. Dates and Deadlines

2. Teachers situation

a. Grading Final Papers

b. Mental Breakdowns

c. “We have a life”

d. Dates and Deadlines


José Enrique Lozano Salazar


Academic Writing


The Crisis of the End of the Semester.

Hundreds and hundreds of students and teachers suffer of this kind of mental-imagined disease. But we do not have to be ashamed of been victims of this horrible illness. Is a very common and pretty normal phase that all students have to pass and in the case of teachers… well, that is another story. However, in the following paper it will be explained and defined this illness with a try of making you, reader, laugh and said: “Oh my God! This is so true!” Besides, I’m not as funny as I think.

Benjamin Miller defines a crisis as an “intensification of symptoms in the course of a disease” (2003, p.324). In this case, the “disease” may be studying. Because in all the semester we have these symptoms but they increase in this period of time. The characteristic symptoms are: eye bags under the students’ eyes, the sleepiness, and tiredness. They are always running, running to get to a teacher and deliver the Final Paper, running out of time to deliver this paper, running out of clean clothes. But the most characteristic symptom in these patients is that they have no idea of what they are doing.

During this crisis students tend to go crazy and do not sleep


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