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Report Proton

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Learning and growth perspectives measure firm performances that indicate how well firm are changing their product and services offering to adapt in changes in the internal and external environments. Management hired technology and skill from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation only during their collaboration.Proton is able to penetrate the market only with the support from the government. Proton is the second largest carmaker by market share for passenger car in Malaysian. This shows that PROTON learning and growth is slow.

Financial perspectives measure of a firms’ financial performance that indicate how well the financing of the firm. Liquidity ratio of PROTON shows a continuous reduction since 2005 until 2014. It means that PROTON is not strong in their finance and affects the ability to pay their debt with the cash asset. This shows that PROTON financial perspectives are not good.


BSC approach resulted that PROTON shows a negative impact in relation to those four perspectives. Customer perspective towards Proton is not good since it does not meet customers’ satisfaction. PROTON internal business perspectives are bad since the management of the PROTON has many conflicts. Learning and growth perspectives of PROTON are slow since they cannot compete aggressively with their rival which is PERODUA. PROTON financial perspectives are not good since it shows a continuous fluctuation in profitability ratio and continuous reduction in liquidity ratio. Overall, I as a Saiful Alawi would recommend MAZDA Company to do nothing with PROTON since they are not showing a good performance.


I as a Saiful Alawi would like to suggest MAZDA Company to open up their own company at Malaysia or any other countries that they think they had sensed in penetrating the market in that country. I believe that they have a greater demand since customers nowadays are more appreciating or looking overseas cars rather than local cars.


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