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Scs Kanpur We Care Report 28-02-2015

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Some of the activities that Subhash Children Society has undertaken are:

- Child-Line (1098) Kanpur is run by Subhash Children Society. Child Line is a nationwide 24 hours facility to help vulnerable children 365 days of the year. It aims to reach out to the most marginalized children and provides interventions of shelter, medical, repatriation, rescue, emotional support, guidance and sponsorships. The various issues being dealt with are as follows:

- Children in need of care and protection

- Child labor

- Abandoned children

- Children run away from home

- Child trafficking

- Disabled

- Orphans

- Child beggars

- Children in conflict with law

- Rehabilitation Project for helping lost, misguided and orphan children with no shelter. The society provides them various basic facilities like food, shelter, education and medical in Subhash Children Home. Total number of beneficiaries is about 200-225 in a year and average number of children at a time is 15.

- National Child Labor Program aims to prevent and rehabilitate child labor, Subhash Children Society is running 19 Child Labor Schools in Kanpur, Meerut, Bareli, Moradabad and Badau dist. of UP providing them informal education and self-employment training, counseling to their parents and guardians regarding the issue. They are rehabilitating more than 400 child labor every year.

- Mid-Day Meal Project ensures better attendance at schools and providing better health, the society is running a mid-day meal project for more than 17,000 students of government aided primary and junior schools and Madarsa’s in Govind Nagar CRC and Naubasta areas of Kanpur district providing them healthy and hygienic food as per government norms and menus since last three years.

- Vocational Training Program at ‘Subhash Training Centre’ is a society run facility with affiliation of RDAT Kanpur Department of Labor Ministry, Govt. of India, provides vocational training and better employment opportunities in the field of Computer’s, Electrical, Fabrication, Banking and Accounting, Media, Refrigeration of Air-conditioning to youth and needy people at affordable prices with govt. approved curriculum and a certificate on completion.

- Donation drives and fund-raising programs are conducted by the organization to drive where responsible & sensible citizens of Society donate used clothes, toys, magazines, books and other used materials. These are distributed among women and children in need to increase their resources and better living. Also resources and funds are being raised to fulfill the proceedings of projects from citizens to sponsor rehabilitation of orphans and shelter less children. The organization collects funds from school children, businessmen, shopkeepers, charity boxes, industrialist under social responsibility along with use of govt. and non govt. resources

- Justice to Children and Punishment for Guilty - To stop exploitation of children and provide them justice and punish the ones exploiting them, various initiatives are taken by the organization considering the incidents highlighted and information received from other sources in media. For the same purpose support of National Child Commission, National Human Rights Commission and State human rights Commission is sought in many occasions by the organization.

- Awareness Programs - NGO runs various awareness programs in society through different modes like camps, seminars, rallies and events at various places where the main issues include

- Feticide awareness program - Under this program feticide related issues are highlighted and the awareness rallies, road shows are conducted to create awareness in society.

- Environmental Awareness Programs - In association with Indian Environment Society, NGO conducts seminar, conferences, road shows etc. to create environmental awareness in society along with tree plantation from time to time.

- Child Rights Awareness Programs - In addition to child rights awareness rallies, seminars & conferences, various cultural programs, road shows, plays, puppet shows etc. are conducted to spread the message of child rights among the people in a more interactive way to create child friendly environment. NGO provides counseling to the families of children who indulge in child labor or children who ran out of their homes due to some circumstances.

- Cleanliness in Schools/Framing Eco Club Program - The organization has established eco clubs in 70 schools of junior high and intermediate level, 22 primary schools of 15 Gram Sabhas, in Kanpur Dehat. They are actively involved in cleaning the surroundings of their premises and spread awareness regarding the same.

Goals of Subhash Children Society:

- Create a child friendly environment in the society.

- Eradicate child labor and create awareness about child rights and issues

- Create awareness among people to come forward and support rehabilitation of these children and give them better living conditions

Future Plan:

Subhash Children Society realizes that commercial sexual exploitation is on a high in recent times. They aim to fight for the children introduced into such activities by:

- Recognizing the problem

- Creating awareness among the masses through street plays, cultural programs, presentations, speeches, documentaries, etc.

- Provide victims with emotional, psychological and medical support, and help them re-integrate into the society, provide them proper education, vocational trainings, and interactive workshops for a better living.


Chapter 2: Awareness


Human beings are social animals from the time immemorial. Being social has been one of the reasons for their evolution; though the society has evolved, there have always been few sections of society such as women, children etc. which have been subjected to neglect, distress and injustice.

We Care internship highlighted the issues related to one of the above sections i.e. children with


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