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Chemistry Element Group Report Group 2 Metals: The Alkaline Earth Metals

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Magnesium hydroxide is added to plastic to make the plastic fire retardant. Magnesium oxides is used to make heat- resistant bricks for fireplaces and furnaces. Also added to feed cattle and fertilizers. Magnesium hydroxide which is milk of magnesia, sulfate which is Epsom salt, chloride and citrate are all used in medicine. Also magnesium is essential element because the chemical chlorophyll that allows plants to go through the process of photosynthesis is a magnesium- centered complex. Magnesium is also essential in humans, by the hundreds of enzymes and we each store about 20 grams in out body, mainly in the bones.

Calcium is used as a reducing agent and an alloying agent. One big use is of limestone which is used directly as a building stone and indirectly for cement. Also used in steel to remove impurities. Calcium sulfate is used by builders as plaster and by nursed for setting bones.

Strontium is used to give bright red to fireworks and flares. Strontium aluminate is used in glow-in-the-dark paints and plastics. Can also be used to generate electricity for space vehicles, remote weather stations and navigation buoys.

Going down the group next Is Barium which plays a big role in medicine. Barium is used in medicine in the form of a Barium Meal. It’s used as an X-Ray contrast medium. Also barium is used in fireworks to give a green coloration.

Lastly radium, which is a very dangerous radioactive source. Radium is very rare and its 0.0000001 parts per million abundance of this element is mainly found ins pitchblende uranium extracts. Used to make self-luminous paints but had to be replaced due to its dangerous radioactive source.

Group 2 alkaline earth metals, with the exception of radium, are essential and vital to the eco-diversity and commercial products of today’s world. Have been used for a variety of situations for humans and have been huge resources for the evolution for humans.


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