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  • Baggage reconciliation systems

    Baggage reconciliation systems

    Baggage Reconciliation Systems (BRS)  Background:  According to the rules of most air transportation authorities, such as  the  U.S.  Federal  Aviation  Administration  and  the  European  Union's  Joint  Aviation  Authorities,  in  the  event  that  a  passenger  flying  internationally with checked‐in baggage fails to arrive at the departure  gate before the flight is closed, that person's baggage must be retrieved  from the aircraft hold before the flight is permitted to take off. Making  sure passengers board flights onto which they have checked baggage is  called  "passenger‐baggage  reconciliation"  and  is  accomplished  automatically  through  various  commercially  available  systems.  The  security presumption of passenger‐baggage reconciliation is that the  majority of bombers will not want to kill themselves, and will not board  an aircraft if they have caused a bomb to be placed in its hold.  Furthermore any bag that is destined to be loaded onto a particular  flight must first be scanned and checked before loading to ensure that  there is record of that bag being checked‐in at the check‐in counter. If  no record is found the bag will be prevented from being put into a  loading  container  before 

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  • China's Political System

    China's Political System

    China's political system ========== Diego Díaz Wilson August 18, 2016 China’s Communist Party. Throughout history, China has been in the center of people’s eyes trying to figure out, why is it that along with the idea of China’s communist political ideology it has still managed to become the world’s second

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  • Importance of Funding

    Importance of Funding

    Emily Lay Political Science 101 J. Sulcer Term Paper 4/7/18 Importance of Funding I attended a village board meeting on the evening of Monday, April 2nd, 2018. The meeting was attended by those in the community who wanted to make public comments to the board. The cemetery board expressed to

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  • Medical Conditions in Low-Income, Low-Resource

    Medical Conditions in Low-Income, Low-Resource

    Position Paper ========== Delegation: Republic of Korea Topic: Medical conditions in low-income, low-resource global markets The Republic of Korea, once an international aid recipient, has now become an aid donor. Deeply concerned of the situation presented on the developed countries about the medical conditions of newborns and mothers during

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  • The Colombia Plan: Both Sides of the Issue

    The Colombia Plan: Both Sides of the Issue

    Plan Colombia - Both sides of the issue. ========== The Colombia Plan: Both sides of the issue. Colombia Plan, Also called Plan for Peace and the Strengthening of the State or Colombia Plan for peace, is a bilateral agreement made between the governments of Colombia and the United States. It

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  • The Guardian Uk. Cultura Inglesa

    The Guardian Uk. Cultura Inglesa

    Cultura Inglesa ========== I. Introduction The Guardian UK, is an online newspaper that treats the recent news, and which provides us the opportunity of reading what is new without the need of buying a newspaper. Also, this online newspaper, is free (as far as I see). In this work, we

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  • Which Is the Most Developed Country in Latin America and Why?

    Which Is the Most Developed Country in Latin America and Why?

    Minor ========== Which is the most developed country in Latin America and why? As the HDI studies the four principal areas of examination that are used to rank countries: mean years of schooling, expected years of schooling, life expectancy at birth and gross national income per capita, we can see

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