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Medical Conditions in Low-Income, Low-Resource

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Position Paper


Delegation: Republic of Korea

Topic: Medical conditions in low-income, low-resource

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The Republic of Korea, once an international aid recipient, has now become an aid donor. Deeply concerned of the situation presented on the developed countries about the medical conditions of newborns and mothers during and after their pregnancy, the Republic of Korea became a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in 1996 and joined its Development Assistance Committee in November, 2009. Since then and before that the time has come for Korea to take its place in the world. In 1991, the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) was established to administer Korea’s aid to other countries. The KOICA has being working in several goals since then like fewer children under five years old are dying, underweight on children under five years old, skilled help to women during childbirth, more people having safe drinking-water reducing and improving some of this goals.

Actually, Korea’s nominal per capita GNP is approximately $20,000, and Korea has become the world’s 14th largest economy and with that born a health system that mixes single-payer administration with private provider delivery while managing universal coverage. As a leading global city, Seoul has a key role in developing and expanding health care structure and delivery in South Korea. As a result the average life expectancy for males is 75.7 years, for females it is even 82.4 years in South Korea, which implicates an increase of medical expenses with it. At the same time their policies take it to become the 15th country on the HDI indicator. Maternal mortality rate is beyond 0.5% and infant mortality rate under 0.4%. With that the Republic of Korea believes that is essential for government and pharmaceutical companies to work together in order to provide medication for people with a network for long term but also instant demand has to be established in each country.

With the support of all these achievements, the Republic of Korea has been supporting different nations through their various agencies; however, believes necessary measures provided by the project “Safety Childhood and Mothers Program” should apply to the different realities that are living in each nation. This project involves taking steps to address the main problems affecting pregnant women and newborn children, which revolve


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