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The Guardian Uk. Cultura Inglesa

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Cultura Inglesa


I. Introduction

The Guardian UK, is an online newspaper that treats the recent news, and which provides us the opportunity of reading what is new without the need of buying a newspaper. Also, this online newspaper, is free (as far as I see).

In this work, we are going to talk about two different articles that were in the Guardian of UK, one of these news is going to be related with the US elections and the other one with something that treats topics like technology, and how this affect the companies and how it is going to do it in the future.

II. Content

a) Trump reiterates he literally believes Barack Obama is the 'founder of Isis'

This new, talks about how is that Donald Trump refused to back down from his false claim that Barack Obama was the “founder of Isis”. He said that the way he got out of Iraq was the founding of Isis.

I chose this article in particular, because I wanted to talk about Donald Trump, and the things he could do and could affect us if he becomes the presidents of US.

Even when Hugh Hewitt gave him the opportunity to “save” what he said, he didn’t take it, and instead he reaffirmed his statements¡.

I don’t think that someone as him, who is clearly a racist, should be the chief of a country as the US. If he makes such prejudges to the actual president of the US, imagen what he would do to someone “common”,

I work in a company, where the people travels a lot, and also the people works in others countries, as the S, and I’m sure that if someone as him becomes president, this kind of opportunities will be gone. Or even something as the opportunity to buy things from other countries, could be affected.

In the other hand, I even think that the economy of the US will be affected negatively because of the chooses that Donald Trump could do. And this could also make that American companies, as the one in which I work, could enter in a crisis, or even go to bankrupt. Or will make the companies leave Mexico, and other countries. This as a future engineer make me worry, because I don’t want to lose the opportunities that I see that my co-workers have.

Also, in the article it’s mentioned that Donald trump has not articulated a clear strategy against Isis, other than to threaten a ruthless bombing campaign and continuously push his proposal to ban Muslim immigration from the US, so I think that instead of doing such a racist and stupid comments, he should work more in strategies to fight Isis.

b) How Pokémon Go takes us back to the real world

This article talks about how


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