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Metabolic Processes

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ecosystem, since tests only being done are from inside of greenhouses. If carbon fertilization was evident and was able to be tested, it could help predict future climates that will change due to global warming, by the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere already. This relates to metabolic processes because if there is no oxygen being released by plants, then there will be an increase in CO2, and cellular respiration will not be able to take place, resulting in no ATP being made to provide energy to animals. Also when the stomata closes when the temperature increase, C3 plants, go through photorespiration releasing fixed carbon in the atmosphere instead of oxygen.

4. With an increase in temperature, there will be an increase in carbon dioxide that is released in the atmosphere and plants will not be able to convert CO2→ O2. When the temperature increase the stomata closes on the underside of the leaf, allowing no oxygen to be released and also no carbon dioxide to be absorbed. This will make photosynthesis unable to occur and because of the hot temperature, the carbon dioxide will not be absorbed by the trees and the carbon dioxide will stay in the atmosphere causing that level to increase. If the temperature gets hotter and more carbon dioxide is in the air then the impact on human life and other organisms that need oxygen to go through cellular respiration will be greatly affected. If cellular respiration is not able to occur then there will be no energy for the organisms that require it to live. An increase in carbon dioxide could result in a loss of plants since the earth is heating up so much and the plants need even more water to grow, which would not be as readily available. Since plants require different weather conditions to grow, only some would be able to survive. For example, CAM plants are plants that have adapted to hotter climates and plants like C3 grow in cooler climates.


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