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Advanced Pathophysiology

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Cancer is considered an alternate pathophysiological process found in the human body, there is a need to determine the relationship between cancer and obesity. There has been a significant increase of obesity rates and the need to determine its relationship to cancer and other diseases. There is a need for prevention before treatment instead of treatment before prevention. Unit 4 discusses the importance of cellular proliferation and the uniqueness of cancer invasion and the metastasis. Cancer, according to McCance et al. (2010), can relate to the number of foods consumed and the metabolic components of eating unhealthy foods and the nutritional factors that plays a role in interference and influences cellular proliferation (McCance et al.,2010). One interesting perspective regarding cancer and its relationship to diet is the carcinogenic substances, such as well-done charbroiled beef (McCance et al.,2010).

According to McCance et al.(2010), “a large prospective study of 900,000 American adults showed obesity is linked to cancer (McCance et al.,2010, p.406). Hormonal links may be what is determine the significance of cancer and obesity. This information is relative to the importance of preventative measures particularly those that are at risk of having significant disease process such as diabetes and hypertension.

This course is relevant to determine the uniqueness and the complexity of what is needed in order to alter disease processes in the human body. There are a correlation and a multitude of components that involves the pathophysiological changes, that occurs the same but in various forms in each individual.


McCance, K., Huether, S., Brashers, V., & Rote, N. (2010). Pathophysiology: The biologic basis for disease in adults & children (6th ed.). St. Louis, Missouri: Mosby.


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