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The Advancement of Democracy Through the Media

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Lastly, the media helps people in realizing their rights and their role in our democratic society. Organizations have been tremendously impacted by the media. Without social media and spreading awareness, the American Red Cross would not have been able to gain as much funds and support as they did in their campaign to help Haiti. The power of text messages has been more prevalent than ever before. Political campaigns are now sending text messages to citizens to let them know what politicians are doing and letting them know their stance on different views. This can make someone feel as if they really know the candidates and have a relationship with them. Through television, we see advertisements informing us to vote for either our local authority or even the presidential candidates. Every time election time comes around, we see billboards, commercials and even new specials on each candidate. Some issues that we see on the news that we might not agree with, will help citizens use their voice. They will want to see change in that specific area and find a candidate that is for change as well.

In conclusion, democracy would not be where it is now if it wasn’t for the media. We would not have privy to a lot of information and left to be ignorant. You could say that the media exposes some candidates in a negative way but it helps us with our decisions; our right to choose and that’s what makes the media in democracy great. In recent years, media has become prominent in our society. We have been to communicate and connect with others fast than ever. With this advancement, came the advancement of democracy. We are exposed to more diversity, which gives us an opportunity for un-bias opinions. We can rely on what we hear and see in the media from our politicians unlike fifty years ago where we have to rely on what those around us where hearing. The media has serves as an interface between the government and citizens, it brings issues to the light different controversial issues, and helps people in nourishing their rights and realizing their responsibility in a democracy.


Reference/Resource- Alec J. Ross quote

This quote is relevant to the topic because we see how if the government is not involved in the media, they will lose power

Reference/Resource- Alex Howard quote

This quote is relevant to the topic because we directly see facts of how the media connects the government and citizens

Reference/Resource- Second Alex Howard quote

This quote is relevant because it tells us the impact of media and how is brings issues to light through word of mouth.


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