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  • Abortion Should or Not Be a Crime in Brazil

    Abortion Should or Not Be a Crime in Brazil

    Abortion should or not be a crime in Brazil ========== What is abortion!? “Abortion is the interruption premature of the pregnancy, spontaneous or caused, with the removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus.” In Brazil every two days a woman die by complications related to clandestine abortions, since we

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  • Advice to Eat Healthy

    Advice to Eat Healthy

    Advice to eat healthy ========== Eating healthy Healthy eating consists of a variety of foods that provide your body with the nutrients needed to maintain health, feel good, and have energy for most of the time. These nutrients include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins and minerals. Nutrition is important for

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  • Air Pollution in Monterrey

    Air Pollution in Monterrey

    Air pollution in Monterrey Monterrey is a city that forms part from the metropolitan area in the state of Nuevo León, it has aproximately 1, 136 million habitants, it is one of the most pollutants citys in Mexico, most of this causes is because, as we know, Monterrey is

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  • Being a Doctor

    Being a Doctor

    Ingles vocacional ========== A doctor is a professional who attempts to maintain and restore human health through the study, diagnosis, and treatment of the patient's illness or injury. In Spanish, colloquially, these professionals are also called doctors, although the doctorate was not obtained. The doctor is a professional highly qualified

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  • Business Type: Product Development and Medical Dialis Hemodialisis

    Business Type: Product Development and Medical Dialis Hemodialisis

    Company profile: ERIKA COMPANY OF Reynosa, S. A. de C. V. ADDRESS: MIKE ALLEN PARK INDUSTRIAL 1331. Reynosa C.P.88780 Reynosa Tamaulipas BUSINESS TYPE: PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND MEDICAL Dialis HEMODIALISIS This is a small project were we analice opportunities areas with difficulties with operators that handle containers and transfer them as

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  • Chagas Disease - American Trypanosomiasis

    Chagas Disease - American Trypanosomiasis

    Que weba esto ========== Chagas disease or American Trypanosomiasis is an infection caused by the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, first described by Dr. Carlos Chagas in Brazil in 1909. It is a zoonosis in which a large number of vertebrate reservoirs involved, usually mammals, such as pigs, dogs, cats, and in

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  • Cybersecurity in Healthcare Organizations - the Healthcare Industry in the Digital Economy

    Cybersecurity in Healthcare Organizations - the Healthcare Industry in the Digital Economy

    Cybersecurity in Healthcare Organizations The Healthcare Industry in the Digital Economy Healthcare organizations increasingly rely on information systems for a variety of clinical and administrative functions in recent years. Electronic Health Record (EHR) is the new form which is used to record patient information and data, making it easier

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  • Development of Personal Teaching - Learning Philosophy

    Development of Personal Teaching - Learning Philosophy

    TEACHING-LEARNING PHILOSPHY Development of Personal Teaching-Learning Philosophy Vipasha Bhardwaj (student) AU ID 3277775 HLST320 Assignment 1 Lorena Stewart (Tutor) Athabasca University March 2, 2018 Development of Personal Teaching-Learning Philosophy At its core, a teaching philosophy is a personal statement that offers insight into an instructor’s beliefs about teaching. In essence,

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  • Down's Syndrome

    Down's Syndrome

    Trabajo "Sindrome de Down" (Ingles) ========== Index - characteristics of the disease - principal mental disorders that impede his contracting - labor profile of Down's Syndrome - mutual benefits between the persons with Down's syndrome - The companies ready to invest - Association of Down Caminar's Syndrome (Ciudad Real) Down's

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  • Events in Plaque Formation

    Events in Plaque Formation

    Varios ========== Events in Plaque Formation Dental plaque Dental plaque is a mixed microbial biofilm growing on teeth and is the prime aetiological agent of the two main oral diseases, dental caries and periodontal disease. The microbial composition of plaque varies between individuals and the location on the tooth

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  • Fundamentals of Nutrition

    Fundamentals of Nutrition

    Fundamentals of Nutrition ========== Laura T. Driver HUN1201 Fundamentals of Nutrition February 27, 2016 Instructor: Tammy Fogarty I opened an account at My Fitness Pal, last week. Right from the beginning, this data gave me the visual and the realization that I was eating more that I had anticipated. I

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  • Hematology News

    Hematology News

    4º cuatrimestre licenciatura: criminología Docente: Dr. Guillermo Arce Hernández Article 1º Current knowledge about the mechanism of blood clotting is the result of many decades of clinical observations and laboratory experiments, which in recent years has increased rapidly thanks to advances in protein purification technologies, tissue culture and application

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  • In the Bowels of the Ebola Virus

    In the Bowels of the Ebola Virus

    Ensayo ========== Diana Cáceres Chacón In the bowels of the Ebola virus The elongated worm-like aspect of the Ebola virus has already surprised Belgian scientists who discovered it in 1976, when they analyzed samples collected in their former colony, the Congo, near the Ebola River. Much more information about its

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  • Justification of C-Fos as a Marker of Neuronal Activity

    Justification of C-Fos as a Marker of Neuronal Activity

    C Fos ========== Justification of c-Fos as a Marker of Neuronal Activity From Magnet Grant: Analysis of Magnetic Field Detection. Four criteria must be met to demonstrate that an animal can detect and respond to MFs: 1. the MF must cause a behavioral response. 2. neuronal activity must be correlated

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  • Kwazulu-Natal Population in South Africa

    Kwazulu-Natal Population in South Africa

    ANATOMISTAS ========== The article tell us about a study made to the KwaZulu-Natal population in South Africa about tuberculosis, because the drug-resistance of this patology threatens recent gains in the treatment of tuberculosis and human inmunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection worldwide. The principal methods performed in this study were interviews and

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  • Literary Review

    Literary Review

    Inclusión ========== Literary Review Nowadays, special educational needs play an important role, because these can generate some problematic situations inside the classroom; especially, in the acquisition of language and the students behaviour during the class, for example, doing their homeworks,expressing with their classmates and so on.. As future teachers, it

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  • Major Types of Psychological Therapies

    Major Types of Psychological Therapies

    Psychological therapies ========== Major Types of Psychological Therapies Psychoanalytic therapy: A form of therapy developed by Sigmund Freud that is intended to bring unconscious influences on behavior to the conscious level. Key techniques and processes include free association, resistance, dream interpretation, and transference. This therapy is costly and often requires

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  • Medstudents Amnesia

    Medstudents Amnesia

    Medstudents Amnesia ========== Med-Student’s Amnesia A transient selective loss of memory during an exam that prevents one from remembering the eponymically-named diseases discovered by old, dead doctors. Addison’s Disease 1. Primary adrenocortical deficiency Addisonian Anemia 1. Pernicious anemia (antibodies to intrinsic factor or parietal cells → ↓IF → ↓Vit B12

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  • Nutrient Delivery Review

    Nutrient Delivery Review

    Nutrient delivery review ========== The main subject in this chapter written by Giuliana Vozza et al is to present the importance of nanotechnology delivery system to functional foods (nutraceutical). The main goal of a diet is to deliver proper nutrients to a specific nutritional requirement and this chapter explains the

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  • Obesity: A Growing Problem

    Obesity: A Growing Problem

    Obesity: A Growing Problem Did you know that in the United States Territory, nearly 38 percent of adults are obese and nearly 8 percent are extremely obese? Many people living in this twenty-first century modern world suffer from obesity without even realizing it, or are not completely convinced of

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  • Oral A

    Oral A

    ENGL 1020 ========== Persuasive Essay Oral A Joenette López Faura # 1304782242 Prof. Marie Colón Torres ENGL 1020- Basic English II Introduction Oral hygiene is the practice of keeping the mouth and teeth clean to prevent dental problems, most commonly, dental cavities, gingivitis, periodontal (gum) diseases and bad breath. With

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  • Parkinson’s Disease

    Parkinson’s Disease

    Parkinson ========== Parkinson’s disease When we think about parkinson we only think about the basics features of the disease, in other words, the common thinking of this afliccion, are the trembling hands and old people, the truth is, that this disease in reality is more complex that it seems and

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  • Secure Attachment Theory

    Secure Attachment Theory

    Mike Pruett 04/03/2016 The most appealing attachment theory to parents would have to be undoubtedly hands down, the Secure attachment theory. This is the best most positive way to raise a child no matter what type of culture or background you are from. It provides the very best for your

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  • Stress Management

    Stress Management

    The pressure is growing with our age, and this invisible force destroys our health and work efficiency all the time. Some people may not be aware of the dangers of stress, while others may be laissez-faire, and always feel invisible is not important. But in my opinion, stress is like

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  • Subclinical Hypothyroidism, or as Asymptomatic or as Harmless

    Subclinical Hypothyroidism, or as Asymptomatic or as Harmless

    Hipertiroidismo ========== Subclinical hypothyroidism, or as asymptomatic or as harmless Asymptomatic subclinical hypothyroidism neither so nor so harmless Marelys QuesadaI Yanes; Lisbet Rodriguez fernandezii; Jeddú HernándezIII Cruz; Silvia Turcios TristáIV; Miguel Angel Yanes QuesadaV IEspecialista First Degree in General Medicine and Endocrinology. Assistant. Added researcher. INEN. Havana, Cuba. IIEspecialista First

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  • Surgeons


    A surgeon is a medical practitioner qualified to practice surgery. Surgeons spend more time working in the hospital than do physicians on other specialists. During surgery, the surgeon must make an important decision about the patient's health, safety, and welfare. The surgeon must work to ensure cooperation among the

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  • Testosterone. Magazine Luiza

    Testosterone. Magazine Luiza

    Magazine luiza ========== Free but not total testosterone is inversely associated with subclinical atherosclerosis in type 2 diabetic men Introduction: Men with type 2 diabetes (DM2) are often characterized by abnormal reduced plasma testosterone levels. There is evidence suggesting an inverse association between serum levels of testosterone and coronary artery

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  • Thailand Position Paper - Improving Affordable and Equitable Access to Medicine

    Thailand Position Paper - Improving Affordable and Equitable Access to Medicine

    Thailand position paper ========== Country: Thailand Delegate: Denisse Sugey Rodríguez Romero Committe: World Health Organization School: CIDEB Topic: Improving affordable and equitable access to medicine. Having considered the report on access to essential medicines; noting that WHO’s definition of an essential medicine contains the following elements: “Essential medicines are

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  • The Abortion Shouldn't Be a Choice

    The Abortion Shouldn't Be a Choice

    The abortion shouldn't be a choice In the last century abortion has been one of the most controversial topics in the world. The definition of abortion, in this case, is used in the sense of ending a pregnancy either caused or naturally before the relevant time. There are two

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  • The French Pharmaceutical Industry Case Study

    The French Pharmaceutical Industry Case Study

    1 Table of contents Introduction 3 Country macroeconomic outlook 3 Industry recent evolution 4 Competition on the domestic market 7 Domestic and international sales 9 Perspectives in the short term 13 References 19 2 Introduction The French pharmaceutical industry is in great expansion and represents big economical stakes. Indeed, France

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