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What Are the Factors That Cause Anorexia?

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Anorexia is defined as a serious eating disorder which primarily affects young women in their teens and early twenties. It is characterized by low body weight or fear of becoming fat and it is mainly caused by the desire of having a perfect and ideal body shape. Besides, even when anorexia is linked to a physical condition, the real causes are related to an individual’s emotionality. Therefore, it could be said that the contributing factors in the development of anorexia include pressure or stress at school, media stereotypes of body, and difficult family relationships.

The pressure and stress of college life could be an environmental factor that may contribute in the development of anorexia. This means that exams and too many homework can pressure teenagers having a huge impact on their both physiological and physical health. They find themselves under intense pressure to succeed and reach the top that they suffer tremendous anxiety undergoing extreme health issues. Furthermore, within education centres hard work is not the only thing found, but there is also bullying teasing about body weight or shape. Bullying, especially when it takes the form of making fun of weight, can directly contribute to the development of an eating disorder such as anorexia due to the fact that it causes detrimental effects on anyone’s self-esteem. Schools and high schools therefore, tend not to be a perfect place for someone who is susceptible to anorexia.

Another big cause of anorexia is widely known as mass media, which includes television, radio, internet, magazines and many other means of communication. Nowadays, the media has become more powerful than ever and teenagers are in constant contact with it. This results especially harmful since it has the ability to influence the way people think and perceive things around them. In other words, is very common to find cases in which individuals are desiring to look physically better they actually do and most of the times, this is due to the dominance of the media over them. Unfortunately, most of the media teenagers are exposed to, do not show people as they really are, promoting false stereotypes of body. Skinny girls that seem to have everything they want with bodies that are supposed to be “perfect” appear once and again. But which is the reality? In order to show too thin women and men with extremely defined


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