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Parkinson’s Disease

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Parkinson’s disease

When we think about parkinson we only think about the basics features of the disease, in other words, the common thinking of this afliccion, are the trembling hands and old people, the truth is, that this disease in reality is more complex that it seems and once we review all the mentioned aspects of this illness, you will become more aware of the meaning of living with this condition, or have a family member who experience this disease.

The following report will be about the Parkinson disease, that is a condition in which part of the brain becomes progressively damaged over many years, we will explain the causes that affects the nerve cells in the brain that produce dopamine which triggers this disease, symptoms that generate the alerts among the family and the person itself, such as a barely noticeable tremor in just one hand, pharmacotherapy treatment that helps to improve the patients life and retards the disease progression and the special care that patients with this disease require that can go from physiotherapy and occupational therapy to a especial diet wich is very important to keep the patient’s body working more efficiently and even will keep them in a good mod.

First of all parkinson’s disease not only affects to old people, it also can affects younger adults, it is a cronic and progesive movement disorder, it does start in the brain and it starts at thelevel of the brain cells, particulary important in terms of controlling movement and the motor function, the problem origins at the dopamine neuron, that can not only die, but they can lose their ability to produce dopamine, dopamine is absolutely esencial, especially when it comes to the movement and coordination and anything that disturb the balance of dopamine at the level of the neurons can create symptoms of Parkinson.

One of the most common things you are going to see with parkinson is something that is know as a resting tremor that is maybe the very first sign that is noticed but is not just resting tremor in the hands which is very common, it can also be arms, the legs, even the jaw in some situations, however with Parkinson’s disease a lot mosre can happen, some patients will suffer from stiff joints, painful joints, walking becomes more of a shuffling gait, stiff muscles, slowed down movements and this happens because actually takes the person longer to complete a movement, they can do them it just takes a lot longer for them to do them, and lastly problems with balance feeling really unstable when standing or walking around but this symptom usually shows up later, once the person has had the disease for quite a few years . Now not all patients with Parkinson’s disease will have all of this problems but most will have them at some point during the course of the disease.

People with Parkinson’s disease can also experience psychiatric problems, such as depression, cognitive problems:


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