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Fighting the Rise of Sexually Transmitted Disease

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Throughout this very urban city, the buildings and apartments all appear to be right on top of each other. No yards to speak of our present. The most notable boundaries of the city are noted by the ever increasing decline noted in the buildings and environment. Economic factors most certainly divide the neighborhoods in this city. During my visit to the city, it appears most children were playing at school and as far as adult activity, few common areas were noted. It appears one area of socialization occurs at a local café in the Acer Tech Center. More socialization was also present in Nightingale Square, most notably at the tennis court/park area. In this area musicians and jugglers were also noted outside of shopping areas, people were also noted gathered around watching. It appears these areas are available to everyone, but it appears more business people are present. In the other neighborhoods, no large groups of people were noted to be gathered. Several couples were noted walking around the streets of sitting on park benches that were scattered around the neighborhoods.

The three main was of transportation that were noted during my visit were by car, bus, bike, and walking. In the neighborhoods of Nightingale Square and Acer Tech Center, many cars were noted in the community. Also may people walking were present. In the areas of Casper Park District and Industrial Heights, cars were present but not as many. These cars also did not appear to be as new or as in as good shape as previous neighborhoods. Many people were present at bus stops, waiting for the next bus. A few citizens were present on bicycles, and again many were walking in these neighborhoods also. One gas station was present in the middle of town. No major highways or railroads noted. Several areas were under construction and some roads and alley ways appeared in need of resurfacing. This is also the main budget for the department of transpiration in this city.

This town appears to have a wide array of doctors, dentists, inpatient, and outpatient services. Most are present in the Acer Tech Center, with a health clinic noted in the Industrial Heights neighborhood also. The areas seem busy with patients and staff entering and exiting buildings. There are also parks present. One located at the school, multiple children were out and playing at the time of my visit. Another is located in the Nightingale Square, basketball and tennis courts were both in use on my visit. The city also have several services it offers for parks and recreation, such as an after school program, swimming lesions, kids summer program, and more. Other service agencies present in the town our WIC, SNAP, and Adult and Children Protection Services. It is noted that adoption assistance is on the rise. Daycare centers are also provided at some workplaces, in-home, and facility centers. These are mainly for profit daycares. The city also provides several senior services provided.

Several grocery stores and markets are present in the town. In Nightingale square the main grocery store is Joes Grocery, this store seemed busy with many people entering and exiting. In Acer Tech Center a farmers market is also present. Convenience stores were present in both other neighborhoods. Several restaurants and food vendors are noted throughout the city. Several shopping centers and stores are present. Most are located in Nightingale square and in Acer Tech Center. There is also a soup kitchen through the local church that is open, this many feeds the homeless population.

The town has many people out and about during the time of my visit. People are gathered outside at local cafes and on several benches throughout the town. People are walking on sidewalks, by stores and shops. Several bike riders are present. Most are in the Acer Tech Center area however. Several people noted waiting on buses at the bus stops throughout the city. Police officers are a presence in every neighborhood, patrolling streets as well as in their vehicles. Protestors are also present in front of the city hall. Several children out on their way to school, a crossing guard is also present. Many people were lined up for the soup kitchen on my visit. People are out walking their dogs. Several stray animals are also present throughout the city.

This town has many signs of vibrancy and improvement. Areas of construction are present in attempt to improve certain living conditions in the Industrial Heights neighborhood. People are out and about, visiting local vendors and shops. There is an art gallery present in the city, which shows signs of cultural expression. Historic city hotel is present in the Acer Tech Center area. People are out and utilizing the parks and recreations offered by the city. Protesters are also present in the city hall area, fighting taxes on the poor. However, there are several areas throughout the entire city where trash is scattered, stray animals are loose, and several abandoned buildings are present, or at least they appear to be.

Most of the citizens appear to be of Caucasian decent as stated earlier, there is some Hispanic and black citizens out during my visit, but the majority of citizens I have seen are white. Several restaurants throughout the city offer a variety of ethic choices however. Most signs that I saw were in English, however some Spanish signs are present, especially in the Industrial Heights neighborhood. Again only one church was noted on my visit and it appears to be a church for all faiths. The church also offers it soup kitchen daily.

As far as the health of the community, it seems respiratory issues are high, as well as the presence of STDs. Pain and coughs are also high emergency room visit reasons. General surgery and orthopedic surgeries are most common in this community. Alcohol and tobacco use are also high in this city, roughly half admit to one or the other. It is also noted from pharmacy information that there is a prevalence of high cholesterol, HTN, CAD, and Diabetes present in the city. The Emergency Room and most offices are located in the Acer Tech Center which is midway in the city and then there is also a health clinic in the Industrial Heights area. I feel these are both very accessible and travel time to either would be minimal.

This city also offers many media resources; cell phone tower and satellite dishes are present. Several book stores and magazines are present throughout certain areas. Appliance stores are also noted in the city. Again several coffee shops, food vendors, and cafes, and restaurants are present throughout town, some may say to an excess. Liquor stores and convenience stores that sell liquor were also present. The billboards that were present were all positive messages, such as to get vaccinated, don’t text and drive, and to recycle to name


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