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Bacterial Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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three different stages:

primary, secondary and tertiary. The first two stages are extremely

contagious. During the primary stage, a small painless sore may appear

ten to ninety days after first coming into contact with the infection.

It will evolve into the second stage of syphilis, if it is not treated.

The second stage symptoms of syphilis include a body rash,

flu-symptoms, weight loss, and hair loss. These symptoms can take 17

days to a little over six months to appear after the infection has

occurred. These symptoms can last up to six months. The tertiary stage,

also known as the “latent stage” is when the bacteria has already begun

to damage the internal organs. A person in this stage can become blind,

paralyzed and even have dementia. About 15% of people who had not been

treated for syphilis develop latent stage syphilis. This can take 10-30

years. This can even lead to death.

Donovanosis (Granuloma Inguinale) is an infection caused by the

bacteria Klebsiellagranulomatis. Cases are rare in the United States

(approximately 100 cases yearly), but are prevalent in many

underdeveloped countries. It is usually spread through vaginal and anal

intercourse, rarely through oral sex. Symptoms can occur within 1-12

weeks after contraction. These symptoms can include huge red bumps

around the genitalia or anus. The skin will eventually start to wear

away and the bumps grown into nodules (granulation tissue). They bleed

easily. The genital tissue eventually gets destroyed and the skin

around them loses color. This condition can be cured with long term

antibiotic treatment.

Chancroid is caused by the bacteria Haemophilus Ducreyi. It is

mainly found in less developed countries. Approximately 50 cases are

diagnosed in the United States each year. Most of those cases had

contracted the infection because they had traveled to a country where

the disease is more prevalent. Within one day to two weeks after

contracting the infection a small bump will appear in or on the

genitals, which immediately becomes an ulcer. The person will also

develop swollen lymph nodes. The infection can be cured with

antibiotics, but sometimes the lymph nodes may also need to be drained

with a needle or surgery.

Bacterial STDs are a growing problem world-wide. Even though

they are curable a huge problem is the fact that many people show no

symptoms and therefore do not get tested. If the STD is not caught

early on the damage that it does to a person’s body is irreversible.

The best way to avoid this situation is to get tested regularly and

abstain from sex. Practicing safe sex does not eliminate the chance of

contracting an STD, but it


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