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Stress Management

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The pressure is growing with our age, and this invisible force destroys our health and work efficiency all the time. Some people may not be aware of the dangers of stress, while others may be laissez-faire, and always feel invisible is not important.  But in my opinion, stress is like the dirt on the machine, it is real, it is really affecting the operation of the machine, we should also clean it and manage it to ensure the efficient operation of the advanced machine, our bodies.

Although I am a 20-year-old student, in addition to academic pressure, there are other pressures that are plaguing my life. For example, the pressure on money, I always think about how to get more money to meet their material needs or even the inner vanity. In addition to the pressure of social, I often think for a long time because of a friend's words, always feel that it is inappropriate to imply one of my aspects. I used to use alcohol and nicotine to relieve my stress. The reason I did this was because I thought it was effective because I couldn't think of another way.  Occasionally, I listen to some metal music to ease the pressure, but what happened recently made me have different views on stress management.

I am busy with postgraduate research now. Every day, new knowledge points require me to memorize and learn. Then my inner desire is very powerful. While still busy studying, I also thought about how to get more money, plus the trivialities of life made me feel particularly tired. But my situation has eased. I told my girlfriend about my current situation. She told me that my friends may be doing business now and have some money, but they don’t have enough knowledge to put their business.  Expand, but if I study hard to get a higher degree, I have more knowledge and insight, and then I will do my own business. It will be easier and faster, and will catch up with them, and now the distraction will only make me fail, I should believe that knowledge is powerful. I used to communicate with my girlfriend to ease some of my stress, and now I feel that learning is more efficient. Then I reorganized my desk and found that my desk was like my brain, and the desk was neat and neat. Recently, I learned a class called stress management like a gift. I learned that diet can also improve stress. Then I improved my eating habits and started to eat some vegetables and fruits, even though my stress did not feel some obvious improvement, but this eating habit actually saved a lot of money for me and the stomach is much more comfortable. The music mentioned in the course is really effective for people. I started listening to some light music while I was sleeping, so that I can fall asleep quickly, so that I have enough energy to study during the day, which makes me feel particularly happy. Which was what I did for my stress and how I improved recently.

From my experience, stress is really manageable and can be managed.  Sometimes we feel uncomfortable or inefficient. It is not that the body is out of order or stupid. Just because the pressure is too great, we must learn to manage our own pressure and use scientific methods to improve our stress in a timely manner.  Will have a healthier physical and mental health, feel more beautiful in the world.


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