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“torah” Company Management

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Company work





The "Torah" is a multinational company secondary Mexican industry, which designs, manufactures and markets footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and other sporting goods.


It was founded by the brothers "TOM" Antonio Jesus Perez tom and Jesus Perez tom on March 30, 1970, the brothers Tom had in mind a project to found a company in order to provide quality products.

At the beginning of "72" the Tom brothers sign with businessman Steven racer one of the most world-renowned entrepreneurs, together undertake something beyond what the market could call great attention to customers and consumers.

Entering the "80" tom brothers decide to go ahead themselves, casting their lines now as entrepreneurs. The use of sporting goods for daily use became popular in Mexico.

In the same year through the company "Torah" in crisis because some of the best companies are; "Nike" and "Adidas" is overcome by hiring a couple of players to publicize their brands.

In recent years it has moved improvement in its production of shoes and that has led him to have a greater marketing at national and international level, which used a slogan that says; "To be successful, you must begin from below."


We are a company dedicated to the manufacture sports products provided to our customers happy with our quality products and prices.


Being one of the best companies through our quality products and customers, strengthen more in the domestic and international market as to provide our consumers.


The "TORAH" the company manufacturing sports products and accessories, based in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico.

The company is known for its diverse Footwear and clothes on the market, listed some of the best companies of footwear and sportswear.


The "Torah" company has approximately 40,000 thousand employees worldwide.


Its main product are sport shoes and t-shirts.

Asides that are highly demanded in the market in order to generate revenue for the company.

Research centers

Villahermosa, tab.- with the aim of conducting research of new items, clothing, footwear for better development of customers which require a new way of innovation in the market.

“Give them quality, the best type of advertising that exists”.

send quality of our products is the best way to provide the best service to our customers remain satisfied with your purchase,

The development of a single institution doing research in its class.


The company has a minimum 5 competitors, of which two are the most sold;(NIKE AND ADIDAS) Both companies with a unique style in its manufacturing and high income.

adidas neo label por selena gomez

Future plans of the Company

TORAH is one of largest providers of athletics footwear and garment with revenues of more than $ 18 million a year. Its first products were tennis shoes, currently shoes , shirts, shorts are also made of a wide range of sporting goods they are used in sports as athletics, baseball, hockey, tennis, soccer, ect.

C:\Users\edgar\Pictures\logo 3.png

TORAH this week presend its new strategic plan 2015-2020, in which the following is established:

* Increase sales by 100%.

* Generating more speed in terms of time it takes to design the product and that the product goes on sale for so you can win more market.

* Other objectives that the company t oled the market is to become a leader in six key cities. As they are in those places where its main competitors are concentrated.

* Althoung torah has much acceptance among men, among women has a tough, so your goa lis yo continue increasing to more sales in the market segment of women.


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