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Timezone Company - Introduction to Business and Management

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Timezone Indonesia believes that the successful of Indonesia’s Timezone Brand is the result from the continuously “Whollistic Approach” through the service consistency which it is always give the new experiences, values, emotions, and the actions that could make all customers become be in the part of Timezone.

At this chance, i have already interviewed the manager of Timezone in Lippo Cikarang Mall named Mr. Kusmanto. He has been working as the manager of Timezone in Lippo Cikarang Mall for 8 years. He has responsibility to manage and control Timezone and his employees in Lippo Cikarang Mall. These are the structured questions that i have asked to interview Mr. Kusmanto on October 17th 2015 :

- Could Mr. Kusmanto tell me about Timezone? What is Timezone?

“Timezone is owned by Lippo Group especially in entertainment part. Lippo Group has many retail business companies such as Cinemaxx, Hypermart, Matahari Department Store, and many more. Timezone is one of the retail company that concearn in entertainment part. Its purpose is to build and developing the entertainment centre for people. Besides to build and develope, Timezone can gives the experiences and educational learning especially for the children. Timezone supports the learning activities by holding educational events in many schools especially to the kindergarten’s children and give them some souvenirs. That’s what we always do in order to give and share the experiences and entertain the children. ”

- What is the Timezone’s motto and could you please to explain it ?

“Well, Timezone’s motto is Time For Fun. It’s mean that all the costumers will having fun during in Timezone. We provide and give the most entertaining games for our costumers so they can enjoy and have fun with us. Because when they have already in here, we have responsible to make our costumers have their quality time for fun”.

- How is the structure of Timezone company ? (Based on Timezone in Lippo Cikarang Mall)

“The structure of Timezone company are contains of Manager, Supervisor, Costumer Service, Cashier, Technician and Security Guard. The manager is responsible for managing and controlling other employees and Timezone. Supervisor is responsible for supervising the employees, organizing and monitoring work flow. Maintains employees by recruiting, selecting, orienting and training employees; developing personal growth opportunities. Costumer service is responsible to deal directly with costumers either by telephone, electronically or face to face, handle and resolve customers complaints, provide pricing and delivery information, provide feedback on the efficiency of the customers service process and keep records of costumers interactions and transaction. Cashier is responsible to handling all the cash transaction, receive payment by cash, cheques, credit cards etc, checking daily cash accounts, guiding and queries of customers. Technician is responsible for developing and testing solution to solve technical problems is research and development, manufacturing, sales, construction, inspection and maintananc. Assists engineers, inspects products, conduct tests and collects data. Security Guard is responsible to monitor and authorize entrace and departure of employees, visitors and other persons to guard against theft and maintain security of premises, circulate among visitors, patrons, and employees to preserve order and protect property, monitoring and adjust controls that regulate building systems, such as air conditioning, funance, machines and others”.

- What kinds of services that Timezone offers ?

“Basically, Timezone is more performing in entertainment part. We can provides gamming machines for our customers, how to play with the gamming machines, how to win the games and get reward in form of tickets that our customers can redeem the tickets for getting our souvenirs. All of our souvenirs are ordered directly to the factories and specially produce for Timezone only, so the souvenirs will be not same as in the markets because the souvenirs are branded by Timezone. But each Timezone centres have different class level such as Timezone in Summereacon Mall Bekasi. Maybe Timezone in Summereacon Mall Bekasi provides more luxury souvenirs than in Lippo Cikarang Mall because it depends on the location and costumers economy level”.

- How Timezone performs the best services to satisfy its costumers ?

“We give the warmest welcome for welcoming our costumers, we are very close and friendly to our costumers. If our costumers have problems with the machines, we immediately help our costumers and fix all the machinaries problems. Our employees will always walk around the area to check and ensure that the machines are working well. We also have our technicians who always ready to fix the problems of the gamming machines. The point is communicating to each other and team work of the all employees so Timezone can serve the best to satisfy its costumers”.

- What are the vison and mission of Timezone ?

The Vision of Timezone :

- “Timezone is committed to be the leader in order to provides the most exciting family entertainment experience”.

The vision of Timezone means that Timezone will always give the best service performances to its costumers. It has responsibility to make its costumers happy and satisfy with all services that Timezone has already performed. Besides that, Timezone will always update the new gamming machines and upgrade the former machines to make the stabilization of the number of costumers and increase the new costumers. Timezone will provides and gives the marvelous and amazing expericences to all its costumers those they have never felt before.

The Missions of Timezone :

- “To strenghten the human resources by recruiting, developing, and investing to keep the top talent and top performance employees”.

- “To always making proactive inovation based on costumer’s point of view”.

- “Enganging and participate in the creative learning and developing to produce the relation of family and friendship”.

- “Providing the best and newest interactive entertainment”.

The missions of Timezone mean in the first point is that Timezone always be selective to recruit new employees based on the experienced


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