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Advice to Eat Healthy

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Advice to eat healthy


Eating healthy

Healthy eating consists of a variety of foods that provide your body with the nutrients needed to maintain health, feel good, and have energy for most of the time. These nutrients include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins and minerals. Nutrition is important for everyone.

Healthy eating is vital to maintaining good health, stable weight and effort, an excellent figure. Some healthy eating tips can be:

1- Get away from fast foods like pizza, hamburgers, etc.

2- Ingest 8 glasses of water at day.

3- Eat fruits and vegetables daily.

4- Prepare meals with natural oils, avoiding the use of fat.

5- Have a balanced routine of food consumption: pasta, dairy, panels, red meat and white.

A bad diet arises from a wide variety of causes and their productive consequences, some of these can be:


• excessive consumption of flours, fats and sugars.

• people are not aware of the amount of calories in food.

• Little variety of healthy food, when leaving home.

• Unbalanced diet.


• Lack of energy.

• Concentration of devil.

• Overweight, among other diseases.

In the same way to mention 2 unusual and 2 natural tips for healthy eating.

2 unusual:

Is a bad idea try eat very fast and eat any thing just satiate your appetite cause the most important food of the day is the break fast.

Stop to eating to try maintain a diet

2 natural:

Try to be healtly, and the firts step is make an healthy break fast with fruit.

If you want to be healthy and loss some kilograms is a good idea eat pinneaple in the morning

In conclusion, if we want to have a healthy life and free of food harmful to health, we must report the food we eat daily. We can have a healthy nutrition in an easy way, thus avoid contracting diseases in the future and carry out our activities with energy.


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