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Effects of Deforestation

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branches, roots and leaves via the process of photosynthesis. It is stored in this biomass until being returned back into the atmosphere through natural processed or human interference. There are certain preservation groups that are taking part in a plantation farming style of trees to produce large and hardy trees quickly. With these fast growing plantations, CO2 is being absorbed at higher rates than regular forests. In the absence of major disturbances, newly planted or regenerating forests can continue to absorb carbon for 20–50 years or more. In comparison to preventing the loss of natural forests, however, tree planting has the potential to make only a limited contribution to reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Unlike measures to reduce deforestation, tree planting and reforestation were included as activities eligible for finance under the Kyoto Protocol. Kyoto’s rules and procedures, however, restricted the scale and scope of these activities. As a result, projects have struggled to get off the ground and the ground, slowing the preservation process. Outside of Kyoto, some tree-planting projects established to absorb CO2 have turned out to be nonviable due to the cost of acquiring inputs or protecting young trees from fire, drought, pests or diseases. The cost of land is another barrier to widespread tree-planting, especially where there is competition with other land uses such as food or biofuel production.

This political cartoon represents the devastating impact that deforestation has taken on our world. Some elements of this cartoon include an abandoned bird nest, umbrella, a "For Rent" sign, all situated on a damaged tree, and who could miss all of the stumps of old cut down trees sounding it. Through context clues, we can tell that these trees used to be home to many different birds. Birds that had grown up in this forest they had known all of their lives. All these birds that were forced to fly away and find a new home. The cartoonist is trying to stress how the pace of deforestation is quickening and there hasn’t been enough done to counter its effects. We are taking the precious natural resources we have for granted and personal gain. There are different perspectives on deforestation. Corporations and markets demand deforestation, as the logging industry is an important part of the market.

Many people argue that the effects of deforestation are very minimal and are no big deal. They argue that the big industry companies are taking action by replanting trees where they have harvested. One of the biggest arguments to keep these big logging companies, is that these companies provide tens of thousands of stable jobs. Many people rely on rainforest wood for building, as well as meat and crops from farmed rainforest land.

In conclusion, our environment is being exploited by the timber industry and we need to do everything we can to save it. If we do not take a stand now, we may cause even more irreversible damage that cannot be fixed. There are many policies being put in place by our government, but they cannot do everything on their own.


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