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Effects of Technology on Face to Face Communication

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Dahiana Buenaventura

Writing VI


Effects of Technology on Face to Face Communication

There are many positives and negatives aspects when we talk about the face to face communication and the advantages of technologies. The advantages of technology in communication have taken away the importance of face to face interaction. Some of the pros of having technologies are the easy access to reach the loved ones and families overseas, share life time events with families and friends at the same time. For example, we have Facebook and Instagram which allows us to interact with people, share photos, and update our daily status with what is going on in our lives. You can also have job interviews and actually see friends through video on an application called Skype for free on phones or computers.

There are lots of news and information available at your fingertips without having to pay any fees. You can have information in real time, keep track of your life, and have a photographic online biography. We all go on the web for businesses, jobs, shopping, and do research at anytime from anywhere in the world. The Internet and technology bring more opportunities to unprivileged families to explore the real world and learn, share about different cultures, and news.

Apparently, it sounds amazing of course, because we all are blinded with all these new advantages of technologies and we are forgetting about the real importance of the face to face communication. There are disadvantages of technologies also which cause people to lack social face to face interaction. Having the lack of social communication can cause us to lose confidence in public places. Technologies have taken away the importance of relationships which means you cannot see, feel, or sense anyone’s emotions or feelings through phone interactions. We also have cyber bulling and hackers trying to create fraud on our bank accounts. The most disadvantage is that your life is not private anymore with social media and it is easier to get stalked and kidnapped by others.

Therefore, technology and its advantages go both ways; you can never be happy so that makes me unbiased. I believe that technology is negative because of the people not being able to say things or express themselves in person as they do online. As human beings, we are letting media and technologies control our lives. We are addicted to technology and we have lost the values of spending time with families and friends. We need to learn how to use all these positive points from technology.


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