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Recreation and Sports

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Exercise with Weights

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Exercise with Weights

    Holis ========== Advantages and Disadvantages of Exercise with Weights Introduction: People use weights, to be more accepted in society because today being strong, muscular, a good body, is essential for many things, think that if they do not have a good body can never get a girlfriend or a boyfriend,

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  • Benefits of Exercise

    Benefits of Exercise

    BENEFITS OF EXERCISE ========== Marian Rios Villaseñor Group:402 “Benefits of Exercise” Exercise is a good way to relax and be in shape. Nowadays exercising is very important to a person’s health, you can do workouts to keep fit, for example running, jogging, swimming and any sport. For some people do

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  • Challenges for Tourism Business Activities

    Challenges for Tourism Business Activities

    Challengesfor tourism business ========== Challenges for tourism business activities 319 GED ID number:4680398 Expanding a business to an international context is a challenge that the company has to take in order to increase the value of the product for its clients and staff. In addition, expansion leads to brand recognition

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  • Chess Boxing

    Chess Boxing

    Chess boxing ========== Chess boxing Name: Yennifer Dayanna Castillo Murcia Boxing Chess is one of the most quirky sports in the world, many claim that it is the same as combining pizza with champagne; it is a hybrid sport that seeks to combine chess and boxing. The idea of ​​this

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  • Competitive Swimmer

    Competitive Swimmer

    La vie ========== Hello, I am a competitive swimmer, whose the best achievement, is the butterfly for twenty - four years. Thanks to sport, I beyond my own limits, and enable me to let the steam of. Sport has meant everything to me. First of all, I came of

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  • National Basketball Association

    National Basketball Association

    National Basketball Association ========== Hello, today I'm going to talk about the NBA, National Basketball Association, which is the American basketball league. This league was founded in 1946 in New York and has the participation of 30 teams divided into two conferences: east and west. As you may know, this

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  • Sport Drink Why and How to Stay Hydrate

    Sport Drink Why and How to Stay Hydrate

    1.0 INTRODUCTION The human body is composed of up to 70 per cent water. Therefore, as an athlete, staying hydrated is of great importance in order to maximize your performance. Water is involved in so many processes in the body that being just only two per cent dehydrated can start

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  • Sport Nutrition

    Sport Nutrition

    Vida ========== Sport nutrition Leonardo Daniel Pacheco Maldonado 23/10/2015 1QE More and more athletes and people working their physical and who are interested in food. But it is also true that misinformation is great that the concepts are not clear and that everyone dares to give advice on this or

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  • The Evolution of Basketball in the Usa

    The Evolution of Basketball in the Usa

    ALPAHA & OMEGA EDUCATIVE CENTER ========== ALPAHA & OMEGA EDUCATIVE CENTER Where life`s purpose recovers value U.A.N.L. Preparatoria 86300 SEMESTRE Enero-junio 2016 Unidad de aprendizaje: English 4 Etapa: 3 Producto: App. Act. Maestro (a): Francisco Cisneros Alumno (a): Abiud G Montoya N. Matricula: 1755056 Fecha: 16 / 02 / 2016

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  • The Goalkeeper Responsibilities in Soccer

    The Goalkeeper Responsibilities in Soccer

    Introduction * The goalkeeper is primarily responsible for the defense and is the only authorized to touch the ball with his hands * He is responsible for ordering the defense in the different game situations * The goalkeeper has many functions, but I will only focus on the main

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  • The Tourist Development in Puerto Plata

    The Tourist Development in Puerto Plata

    Puerto Plata has allways been a central location for tourism ithe dominican republic. But from 2007 the torism industry in puerto plata started to fall because of the development off proyects in the east Since then, then the city authorities have ben making endeavours to ´´relaunch ´´ the city

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  • The Traininig with Weight

    The Traininig with Weight

    Training with weight ========== The traininig with weight The training with weight started in the old Greece, this form of training born by Hipocrates who was considered like one of the most important persons in the history of medicine, he was a medic in the old Greece at The Pericles’

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  • Tourism Case

    Tourism Case

    Tourism ========== Many people have been debating whether tourism is a good or bad decision to make a living. If our skills are languages and culture stuff this might be our career. However, making a living of this might be kind of hard to achieve. I consider that if you

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  • Venice, What a Wonderful City

    Venice, What a Wonderful City

    Alcancehhha ========== VENICE Venice, what a wonderful city!! I visited it 6 years ago and now I only think about returning on it! Venice is a city in the north of Italy. It has a lot of tourist because it’s built on an archipelago of islands formed by canals. So,

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  • sport in Ireland

    sport in Ireland

    Organizacion ========== Sport in Ireland Hurling Because these sports are practically played only in Ireland (there are only two teams from outside the country that play the hurling interprovincial one in London and another in New York), the sports for which Ireland is best known internationally Are rugby (he is

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