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Chess Boxing

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Chess boxing


Chess boxing

Name: Yennifer Dayanna Castillo Murcia

Boxing Chess is one of the most quirky sports in the world, many claim that it is the same as combining pizza with champagne; it is a hybrid sport that seeks to combine chess and boxing. The idea of ​​this sport arose in 1992 by one of the most famous cartoonists of the world the Frenchman Enki Bilal; nevertheless it was until the spring of 2005 in the hands of Lepe Rubingh that the idea was carried out.

The idea of ​​the Chess Boxing was first seen in the film Uuno Turhapuro herra Helsingin herra of 1991 an English and Italian cinematographic work of the director Ere Kokkonen where, Uuno the protagonist , plays chess against a person using a peculiar system of hands free whereas to the same one time is boxing with another person.

In essence the sport is practiced between two opponents during eleven rounds in which alternating boxing and chess, in the beginning they play four minutes of game of chess and two minutes of boxing; between each round there is a one-minute break during which players change their costumes.

Chess is played in blitz mode or fast chess.

Players can win by knockout, by checkmate or by decision of the judges who after the regulatory time determine the winner.

The World Boxing Organization (WCBO) is the entity in charge of controlling the sport. The first championship was held in Amsterdam with the winner of the Dutch Iepe Rubingh. On the other hand the first championship realized in Europe took place in Berlin the first of October of 2005, in that opportunity the Bulgarian Tihomir Titschko defeated the German Andreas Schneider.

According to the WCBO this sport is practiced by more than 150,000 people around the world, essentially practiced in Britain, Russia, Germany, England and the United States, the main slogan of the sport is "The fight is fought in the ring and the war on the board".

There are seven actions sanctioned in chess, among which one contemplates making plays without properly handling the chess clock, displace one or more pieces irregularly, failure to update the worksheet, use notes or sources of information, bring electronic means of Communication during games, distract or annoy the opponent and leave the premises of the game without permission of the referee.

In turn ten actions are considered that are not allowed in boxing which are the fight between different categories, fight with bare fists, hug or strike the opponent when he is defenseless, hit the neck or behind the head, nod intentionally, kick To the opponent, to trip to the opponent, to hit under the belt, to make use of objects other than the regulation gloves and to turn away


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