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The Goalkeeper Responsibilities in Soccer

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* The goalkeeper is primarily responsible for the defense and is the only authorized to touch the ball with his hands

* He is responsible for ordering the defense in the different game situations

* The goalkeeper has many functions, but I will only focus on the main technique of blocking stops


* Understand the importance of the goalkeeper inside the team, and use the blocking technique to finally be able to put it into practice, performing each exercise correctly, both in training, as in a match


* blocking technique: It is when the ball is stopped by holding it perfectly between the hands. The ball can come frontal and lateral:

1. Front on the floor: One knee flexes, the trunk flexes and both hands on the floor, the ball grabs and the arms rise, to carry it to the chest

2. Front of half height: Positioning of the vertical body, position of the hands forming a triangle, in front of the face and Take the ball to the chest to ensure

3. Front height: It is propelled with one leg to make a jump, the other leg is flexed as protection, the ball is trapped at the highest point and with both legs touch the ground

4. At the sides of the goalkeeper: It is made a front and diagonal step, propulses with the leg previously used, makes contact with the side of the body, and catches the ball with the arms fully extended

Rubric: The rubric is evaluated as follows


* The goalkeeper is one of the most important player, as he has to have the authority and confidence to transmit it to the whole team.

* This technique of blocking must be trained very much to have a superior ability, and that the ball does not escape to him by some movement poorly executed, and that can harm the equipment.


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