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Competitive Swimmer

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La vie


Hello, I am a competitive swimmer, whose the best achievement, is the butterfly for twenty - four years.

Thanks to sport, I beyond my own limits, and enable me to let the steam of.

Sport has meant everything to me.

First of all, I came of an athletic household: My parents are both former student athletes,

as a child, I dreamt of becoming a mermaid, so I have begun Swimming at age four, and I'm very keen on.

My parents, would have loved to be champions, so they enrolled me in a sport school, with a lot of entrainement ' hours. I was

spending time swimming, because my coach excepts me to improving results.

At ten , I compete my first championships, earning a tenth-place, finish in the hundred meters. I was disappointing, I was fed up with training, I wanted to give up nevertheless my parents explained I should fulfilled my dream. They said, I was such a great swimmer and they are proud. I'm less nervous and stressed now . I had rediscovered pleasure of sport! I'm used to training and pressure. Even if It's a pace tough, with intensive training. During the whole week, I have to train in the swimming pools four hours a day, as well as I've a schedule for about two hours of aerobic activities, a Now, I can do things, I didn't think I could do. Today I belong to my country's team. five years ago, I won a international cup and I became famous. Now, I have to convey values . Two years ago, I competed with my country Olympic team, and I won a silver medal in the hundred meters butterfly and a gold medal for the two hundred meters. My reaction at this time was a mix of surprise and elation. My sacrifices have paid. i have seized the chance to make history and to be considered as the best. It's a self satisfaction. Especially, I had beaten my eternal rival. I used to not believe in me. And last year, I won a World Cup that I'm a world champion. It was a magic moment, the vast crowd was cheering me, clapping their hands...

Today, If I wouldn't have trained so harsh , I shouldn't have been here.

The gold medal wasn’t just for me,It was for people who came before me and inspired me like my parents or my coach, if I are there is thanks to them because they prevent me to give up, to wasting my life, notwithstanding injuries, physical or mental tiredness, and only a few friends even in swimming's field because there are excessive and unhealthy rivalry



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