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Tourism Case

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Many people have been debating whether tourism is a good or bad decision to make a living. If our skills are languages and culture stuff this might be our career. However, making a living of this might be kind of hard to achieve. I consider that if you love what you do, making a living of it is not going to be that hard.

To begin with, tourism is known for being an interesting career. Firstly, traveling, you must love traveling if you want to study this. For example you can work as a tour guide leading activities and historical trips, as a travel guide writer or as a driver or flight attendant. Secondly, languages, languages are a big part of tourism. For example being a travel guide, you’re going to be working with just foreigners who may not speak your own language. Thirdly, new experiences, it’s not only about traveling, it’s also for the adventures you might have. For instance, in a cruise trip, in a safari all over Africa, it just sounds amazing.

To continue with the previous point, a career must also be profitable, tourism is not going to make you rich but it’s going to give you what you need and also to have a “me-time” from time to time, don’t forget that this career in most fields, you have to travel, it’s like working in a long vacation. First reason, the money you earn Is going to be saved or you’re not going to spend it all. As a contrast, you still enjoy so many things in your job without having to spend that much. Second reason, could also be the fact that know languages and traveling knowledge might help you out to get some other eventual jobs apart from the main job you might have as a guide travel or in a travel agency. For example, translator for some foreigners, writer of all the experiences you have, etc. last reason If you truly like this career money is always going to come, no matter what, if you like this, you’re going to be good at it, when you do what you want money is not that important, but yes, if the question is: - Am I going to be able to make a living of tourism? – The answer is yes, you are.

Last but not least, if you are bored of all the other careers that just involved one subject, then tourism is your career, it involves so many subjects that your general knowledge is going to be enhanced. The first reason to study tourism is all the knowledge you will gain on various interesting topics. For example economics, marketing, geography, anthropology, biology, history, law, social sciences, architecture and business. Another reason is having many subjects might keep you focused in studying and you are less likely to throw in the towel. In other words, students who have dropped their careers because they got bored is because of this, the lack of variety. To finish with, having


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