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Vaccinations and Children Case

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Regardless of law requirements and or exemptions, Parents in this type of a dilemma need to consider both the health of their children and the health of the community and ultimately make a decision. Based on what the parent decides a course of action can result in the following:

- Parents can continue to exempt their children

- Parents may delay immunization

- Parents may be selective on certain immunizations

- Parents may not immunize due to not using public and private schools and dayca[j][k]re

Selecting a course of action with a proposed plan should entail proposed objectives for parents to adopt with a focus on individual and community health prevention. If evidence based resources are made readily available to help parents have a better understanding of the significant benefits and low risks then parents may be more inclined to decide they will talk to their providers to learn more details and professional guidance about an immunization, review what is on the CDC site, review potential adverse effects of these diseases. Parents may also agree to sign an education awareness certificat[l]e that indicates recent knowledge gain on current evidence based practice data review to help parents reflect on learned information. Another result may be that parents continue to exempt their children regardless of the efforts made, and this ethical dilemma remains in existence and vaccine preventable disease find opportunity to spread.


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