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Miami Case

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Geydis Cedeno

“Day Three and Four of the Rest of my Life

“Why do you look so sad? I thought you would be happy to finally be here in the US!” my dad said. “I am happy papa; I just miss them so much already!”, but it’s a lie. I have been in Miami for three days and I am feeling like all of this is just a huge mistake. I mean, Miami is amazing and all, but my heart feels in so much pain for how much I miss my family and boyfriend. I’m only 19 years old, and I had never even been outside of La Habana. Now I am here in a strange house, with a strange father who I have never lived with before; with a stepmom who I think is faking to be pleased that I am in her house; in a new country that speaks a different language and has a very diverse culture and traditions. It’s scary and emotionally difficult to move from your family to a new and different country, so yes, I am terrified! I close my eyes for a moment and remember my life just three days ago…

It’s January 5th, 2008. Today is the day! It’s almost 5am and still dark outside; I haven’t been able to sleep all night, not sure if it’s nervousness or excitement. My room is really hot and full of breathing sounds. I am surrounded by my boyfriend’s heavy arms, my youngest brother and little sister are fast asleep in the bunk bed below mine, and my grandma is beside them in a rollaway bed. They all insisted on sleeping in my room, and I let them. I know my mom and dad, well stepdad, are in the next room awake also. I could hear her weep all night, and he would say words of encouragement like: “She is strong, nothing is going to happen to her”, or “It’s for the better, she will have a bright future and we will all be together again over there, you will see, have faith”, and she wouldn’t respond back, but her sobs would get stronger for a while. I know Erick is awake too; hugging me tighter every couple of minutes, but with is eyes closed. I can’t tell what he is thinking about; his face has been unreadable for a long time now. I think he is happy for me, but miserable at the same time.

An alarm clock sounds and chaos starts! “Come on everyone, hurry up. She can’t be late!” my mom screams, and everybody is up all at once, except us. We are looking at each other without saying a word, just hugging. Strong Cuban coffee aroma is now surrounding the house and I finally find the strength to move. Now I am in automatic mode: kiss him softly on the forehead, jump down from the bed and walk towards the closet, find the clothes I have been reserving for the occasion and start getting dress. My mind is blank, and I go through all the motions of getting ready. Everything surrounding me is just a blur. I am not letting myself think that this may be the last time that I see the house I was


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