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Legalization of Marijuana Case

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think that by taxing marijuana it will cause a false economy do to the lack of evidence needed to support the solid amount of tax dollars gained by taxing marijuana. Until marijuana is legalized, there may not be a way to know if these numbers are true or false. Would there not be better ways to raise tax revenue? There are a lot of questions about this topic that can’t be answered appropriately; the numbers really are just estimates. Unless marijuana becomes legal we may never know for sure.

Second, as for medical issues marijuana has many negative physical and mental effects on people. For instance there have been studies that link marijuana to damage in the brain, lungs, heart, and mental health. Studies show a connection amongst marijuana use and mental health problems like depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, short-term psychosis, and schizophrenia ( While marijuana users may have little to worry about when it comes to cancer and impaired lung function, studies show that marijuana use can lead to mild lung problems like chronic bronchitis ( It’s not clear if marijuana caused these illnesses but, it is however alleged to worsen these conditions.

Third, regarding law enforcement, a concern people have is whether the legalization of marijuana will place a substantial financial problem on law enforcement agencies. Because of the need and cost for training that will be needed to recognize marijuana users who are driving impaired and to form or boost youth learning programs. For local addiction specialist, governments, and law enforcement affected by the change, it’s imperative to collaborate and generate societies free from addiction and its other effects.

In conclusion, marijuana should be legalized because it could help get the U.S. out of debt, and it has many medical uses. It will also allow for local police to be spent more wisely thus growing revenue. Marijuana could generate billions annually if it were taxed and sold in regulated shops (Carlson). Marijuana is the most widely used banned drug in the United States, the demand for it is so high that there will always be a supply for it because of the profits that can be made ( This is why marijuana needs to be legalized nationwide.


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